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    What’s it worth?

    I am usually right at 50 mpg. I pray for things much more important than filing stations.
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    What’s it worth?

    I never get less than 700 miles per tank. Rarely less than 800. Highest was 914. 2005 BEW. 300K miles. 85pct highway and flat terrain.
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    Time to get rid of the car?

    I was looking for a Passat TDI for my wife. I have 200k on my old ’05 BEW…no real problems at all. Really like my old car. Really wanted another VW TDI to replace our minivan…kids are now grown and a new diesel would have been fun. Based on this conversation, looks like we go Toyota….Oh...
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    700 Mile club Who's in?

    Best Tank Yet I just filled up. 16.5 Gallons and 815 miles. It seems to do best at 58MPH indicated. I drive about 60 miles daily round trip to work and it's all flat driving. I try to rev to 3000 out of first and second and then slow the accelleration in the higher gears. It is a great...
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    Release date of new Jetta SportWagen TDI?

    I'm sure this is out there...but
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    MUCH lower mileage Jetta wagon v. sedan!

    Tires screwed me on my wagon I have a '05 wagon. Historically my absolute worst milage was 38 mpg's in the first 55,000 miles. I put new Goodyear tires on to replace the MX4 Michelins 10,000 miles ago (current odometer 65,000)....With these tires, I can't get out of the mid to high 30's on the...
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    Most miles on PD?

    55 thousand miles on my 2005 Wagon....No problems. Just replaced the tires from the Michelin Energy's to a Goodyear Triple tred?? Best mileage is 46. 505.01 exclusively. Curious about how the Goodyears will affect the mileage.
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    it ain't as green as it looks

    Squash a Prius w/ a Hummer for the sake of the Earth Fuzzy climate math By George Will "Speaking of Hummers, perhaps it is environmentally responsible to buy one and squash a Prius with it. The Prius hybrid is, of course, fuel-efficient. There...
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    gas pedal stop?

    Is the condescendion necessary Gas pedal is a pretty common term for the accellerator....pretty easy to figure out for most...just a little common sense. Geeeeezz
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    Any one elses MPG Dropping??

    Mine drops in the summer I live in Florida. Bought my '05 TDI Wagon in Dec 04. Fuel mileage was great and steadily improved until the heat hit hard last summer. Fuel mileage went from low to mid 40's to mid to upper 30's. One of the learned geeks here told me the efficiency of the turbo...
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    700 Mile club Who's in?

    720 w/ no low fuel..16.2 gal to the rim
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    PD fuel pump durability

    then you have the four unit injectors... so in all, there's a whopping 7 pumps in the PD-TDI fuel system - it is awesome, and immensely reliable and durable. I must be missing something. I don't see 7 fuel pumps. Tank, tandem, + 4 injectors = 6. Is the vacuum end of the tandem related to...
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    05 Jetta Wagon getting only 36 MPG !!!!!!!

    TornadoRed, The profile is duely updated. Florida is reasonably warm and our humidity would further rob the air's capacity to remove heat from the intercooler...I haven't kept the best records but always check the mileage w/ each fillup. It seems like the mileage started going south after...
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    05 Jetta Wagon getting only 36 MPG !!!!!!!

    My fuel mileage has dropped a bunch the last several thousand miles. I've had an '05 TDI Wagon since Christmas. Originally was steadily in the low 40's but with the hot weather it's dropped into the 36- 37 mpg range. I checked the air filter. It's running great. Drive is 30 miles each way to...
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    PD recall

    I took it in last week. Took about 3 hours for everything. New pump looks identical to old one except for a green dot of paint. Lynch Imports in Daytona Beach did it all and were very nice to deal with.
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    You know you're obsessed when....

    Re: You know you\'re obsessed when.... I keep reading this damn'd thread...For a year and a half I touch base with this information...Watching for some deminted wacko who's drivin one of OUR cars. I've made it my mission. Analyzed each and every one of the lines since July 2003....Happy to...
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    PD recall

    Bought my '05 Wagon in mid December. Received the recall note yesterday. No leaks but I guess I'll take it in this week.
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    PD oil consumption poll...

    I have an '05 TDI Jetta Wagon. Added 1/2 quart the day I bought it. Did the first oil change at 4500 miles. Still at full now at 6500 miles.
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    You know you're obsessed when....

    Re: You know you\'re obsessed when.... Ok, I'm new to this ball game but...You know you're obsessed when your wife borrows the car. You ask when she expects to return. The only reason you're interested is because you want to be out in the driveway to hear the clatter on her return as she...
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    SCOTTPOLL: Scott /VW connection?

    My name's not Scott but, my oldest son....Scott. The distribution of members named scott may be just the tip of the iceberg of this anomaly. May need to expand the survey to check how far beyond the member before you find another Scott. Getting freaky. Maybe one of them Nostradamas (sp?) things.