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    NJ gas tax

    Yes I have noticed this as well. What a pleasant surprise and I agree yet another reason to keep the TDI here in NJ.
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    Replace HPFP as preventive maintenance?

    Anyone think that it might be a good idea to change the high pressure pump before it fails? I thought this might be wise to do at 120,000 miles when replacing the timing belt. As I understand it the pump runs about $700 and might save a lot of grief and money down the road.
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    We could just ignore the whole buyback thing

    I test drove a few cars recently, Mazda 3 6spd hatchback, Jetta sport and Golf 1.8 S. None could meet the TDI for performance and mileage qualities in a combined package . I still enjoy driving the car so I thought to just keep my car (14 Jetta ) but opted in for the repair. I will wait on the...
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    Went to look at a used 12 & 13's today.

    I have heard that the value of the TDI has gone up quickly after the proposed settlement. More pricey than the blue book suggests, and nice used ones are in short supply. A coworker flew from NY to Colorado for one and drove it back.
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    Gasoline Volkswagens

    I can't speak as to reliability because I have not owned one. I did however drive the Jetta sport 1.8L and the Golf 1.8L l both with automatic trans. While the performance was reasonable it wasn't enough to make me want to get rid of my tdi.
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    2014 jetta dsg 33mpg

    Keep track of miles and fuel over several fill ups. Don't go by 1 tankful. You should be up in the 38's range or so. At least thats what I get without babying the car
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    DSG good for high miles without repairs?

    Now with the buyback vs keeping our tdi cars I am wondering about the longevity of the dsg transmission. I like the performance we get from our diesels with economy to boot. Now it seems we will get extended coverage on the DPF and HPFP from VW if the fix comes through. All thats left in the...
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    Where are the vultures ?

    Other dealers don't want to wait 2-3 months for their money while you are driving their new car. They have to have the money for the car or the new car on the lot I believe.
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    What car gives similar performance to the TDI?

    I wonder why the BMW does so much better?
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    What car gives similar performance to the TDI?

    I chose the fix for my leased TDI. My payout is the same at $3300 either way. With the fix comes extended emissions warranty giving me 4 more years of coverage I believe. As some here have mentioned I would spend a lot more than my buyout (13,500) to replace my Jetta. It will have about 60k...
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    What car gives similar performance to the TDI?

    Mercedes and volvo are beyond my reach $$. I like to stay below 30k if possible. I might test drive a GLI and hope that VW treats their TDI customers right. Doesn't seem to be much else out there. I like my TDI and would stay with it but with emission modifications looming and an expensive dpf...
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    What car gives similar performance to the TDI?

    The base engine in the Mazda 3 is a 2.0, the 2.5 is available with an automatic trans only and I believe in the grand touring which runs up the price.
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    What car gives similar performance to the TDI?

    My TDI is leased and I am thinking to return it when the time comes this winter. I test drove the Mazda3 6 sp. manual that many rave about. It was a nice ride but doesn't feel like my TDI at all. Does not pull as well from low low rpm's. From a performance perspective what new car is available...
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    Not Fair: Owners vs. Lease holders

    I don't think VW will fix and sell any of the TDI's they get back. It's a tainted vehicle and not in their interest to get involved with selling these used problem vehicles. Not too sure how much interest there would be in them after all this. All car manufacturers would rather sell new cars...
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    Emissions Fix Ready (Allegedly)

    If the fix was so simple as installing a bigger cat and a software tweak they would never have done the cheat in the first place. I doubt that such an easy fix with no detriment to mileage and performance is at hand.
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    Lease about to Expire - What are you all doing??

    Who owns the car if you don't buy it at lease end? Is it the dealer ,or as I believe VW. I think VW will adjust the price to reflect market value unless they prefer to have the car back. In that case I'm hoping they give a serious discount (25% or so) off msrp.
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    Can a VW dealer sell a used TDI?

    I was told that not only can't a VW dealer sell a new Tdi, but even used ones are prohibited. It seems that if they don't call it a certified preowned they can sell the car. Is this correct? What determines if the used car will be a certified or not? How about non VW dealers? Sorry if this has...
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    Would you consider buying a VW gasser with your buyback money?

    I like the Jetta for it's overall comfort and handling as well as a large trunk in a compact car. I was thinking of going to a manual trans gasser Jetta. My lease is up in 6 months and I think that might be all for the TDI. However I am not sure how the VW 1.4 or 1.8 gas engines stack up. I...
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    Lease about to Expire - What are you all doing??

    I am in a similar situation with my 2014 Jetta, but I have about six months until my lease is up. I had planned on buying my car at lease end but as it stands now the Jetta will not be worth the buyout price. I am not too sure that VW even wants me to buy it. I doubt they will offer any price...
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    Can the 2016 wagon with DSG tow?

    Hello all, I tried the VW website but cannot find any info on trailer towing. I am thinking of the new sportwagon with the 1.8 gas engine as right for my needs. I need to be able to tow a utility type trailer 1500 LBS max. I know the TDI with DSG trans as in my 2014 JETTA was not trailer rated...