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    another hpfp failure

    2011 TDI Touareg, 24,000 miles, service followed, filter changed at 20,000. Dealer claims contaminated diesel fuel therefore not covered, and we have all the fuel receipts including most recent three fill ups from Citgo. How do we prevail over VW saying no coverage. $10,000+ repair. We had...
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    HPFP Failure in V6 TDI, or only in 2.0 CR?

    TReg TDI 3l failure no new info? My 2011 3l TDI Touareg (24,000 miles) has had major hpfp failure and VW is stating algae in fuel (contamination) and will not honor warranty!! +$10,000 repair Any advice and history on this situation
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    IMPEX Fest IX MAY 15,2010

    V10 TDI at Impex Thanks to John and Impex and others for the great event. I have used Impex for a long time, Audi race parts, keeping parts hungry cars running and a chance to talk to folks and Jim Furdyn, a friend for 10 years with a nice TDI Golf (not to mention Jim's wizzardry with German...