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    VW Selling Passat TDIs from storage lots back to Dealerships

    Not sure if this is the correct place to post this or not but here it goes. I am starting to see the 2012 - 2015 TDI Passats showing up in Dealership lots across the country. Not sure how long this has been occuring. VW is giving these a 2 year 24,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty. Just...
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    VW Dealership Gift Card

    Email and p.m. sent
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    VW Dealership Gift Card

    Yes the card has been activated. I have already spent the $500 non-dealership debit card.
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    VW Dealership Gift Card

    So it is non-transferable? If this is the case, I will have to sell it to someone local and I will meet them at the dealership to ensure that the transaction will work.
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    VW Dealership Gift Card

    I have the $500 Gift Card that from the VW Goodwill Promotion that is redeemable at any VW dealership on parts, service work or as a down payment on a new vehicle. I do not own a VW any longer so I cannot use this card and am offering it for sale. I am looking to get $400 for the card. $100...
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    Goodwill Package Quandry

    I am in somewhat of a pickle here. My 2012 Passat was totaled recently and I have not had a chance to use my $500 dealership card. We are probably not going to buy a new Passat at this time due to the value of my 2012 being much lower than I had hoped for. I am now stuck with this dealership...
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    VW engine Toast!

    How far does the power train warranty go to? Did VW extend this due to the known turbo issue? If so, how far? TIA!
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    40K service checklist

    Performed the DSG service, new air filter, DEF top off and new fuel filter this weekend with no problems. Fuel filter very easy: unbolted, removed old filter, added new filter, topped off housing with PS. Cranked right up. Get the VW 1/2 gal adblue bottle for the DEF. Great design and...
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    Battery Tray to airbox connection

    Starting the DSG service on my 2012 Passat. There is one bolt that connects the battery tray to the air box that has a star shaped rubber top. Not sure how to remove this "bolt" with a rubber top. Any help here would be much appreciated. Those of you that have done the DSG service will know...
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    I'm out ?

    Interesting story. We went from a brand new 2011 Pilot to a 2012 Passat TDI. The tranny went out on the Pilot at 5k. Ok, random event. Got an extended warranty out of it. Then at 7k, the r&p steering went out. Ok, not random. Incompetent dealership destroying r&p during tranny install...
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    Just finished the 40k service myself

    Plan on doing this tomorrow on my 2012. The only thing that I am unsure of is getting the airbox out of the way. After watching this video, I have a better idea on how to get it out of the way. I know its a Jetta but looks identical to my Passat...
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    NMS/B7 - Passat '12+ FAQ & Maintenance HOW-TO

    Right, don't want to crank it up empty. Just need to know if PS is "ok" to top off canister. I don't want to have to fill a small bottle or fuel can with a few ounces of Diesel to use as the fluid to top off the canister with. I have PS already, so I would like to know if this is ok to use. TIA!
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    40K service checklist

    10-4, much thanks!
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    NMS/B7 - Passat '12+ FAQ & Maintenance HOW-TO

    I would like the canister to be full with no air when I reassemble. Removing the old filter takes fuel out of the canister since it is saturated. Therefore when putting new filter in air will replace fuel that was removed. Is PS ok to add to get topped off?
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    40K service checklist

    Thanks for posting. Correct or incorrcet: If filling DSG from top, you do not need to get all 4 wheels off of the ground? I "assume" you have to get all 4 wheels off the ground to get the car level if you do the bottom fill method so you can have the level correct at the top side of the 8mm...
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    NMS/B7 - Passat '12+ FAQ & Maintenance HOW-TO

    When replacing the fuel filter on my 2012 Passat TDI, is it alright to fill the canister with pure Power Service diesel additive instead of diesel when replacing the new filter?