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    WTB good ALH IP

    im in philly and i have 2 good resealed 10mm pumps. check you pm for my details.
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    FS: rare german ProLine wheels (5x100)

    Back in the day while working for we were building a show car for waterfest. These wheels were shipped in and tires mounted. come to find out they sent 5x100 and not 5x112 as out show car was a rabbit.... anyway, these buggers have been sitting very dormant in the back of my shop...
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    MK 4 jetta (2001) Sunroof slider/shade plastic handle/vent needed

    i think i have a silver one in great shape in the shop
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    WTB: BRM injector hold down

    ive got a bunch laying around. how many do you need?
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    fs: low mile cbea engine

    67,000 mile cbea engine. was bought for the fuel system when customer engine had a failure. came from a known running car. NO FUEL SYSTEM PARTS. $800 come and get it or i can put it on a pallet located in hatboro pa 19040.
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    WTB BEW EGR cooler

    i have the parts in my shop in hatboro pa if still in need
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    Alh valve cover and gasket

    have one if you need
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    WTB Suspension and brakes Mk4 golf

    i have all of this. check your private messages
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    FS: alh/bew short blocks $100 each

    i have few short blocks here id sell for $100 each. complete rotating assemblies. located in pa 19040. i can ship on a pallet at your cost. call me at the shop 267 317 8229 -Roman
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    WTB: 1.9 TDI ALH crankshaft

    have a few short blocks here at the shop i can rip down, or you can buy them whole.
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    WTB - sunroof motor cover & sunroof cover, mk4

    i believe i have the sunroof motor cover as well as the slider for the roof.
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    Alh valve cover and gasket

    Came off a parts engine. The cover is aftermarket and the gasket is still soft. Worth replacing the rock hard gasket on the oem cover. $25 plus shipping
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    2005 passat bhw engine cover

    still have this thing.
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    FS: mk4 337/20th/gli front brake upgrade $200

    used calipers 80k carriers NEW NEW hard brake lines used braided brake lines 15k this is to fit the 12.3" rotor. you will need vr6/1.8t knuckles that are easily sourced. i can install (not for free) for locals in my shop in hatboro pa 19040