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  1. J

    Bay Area belt change

    I don't need a new belt yet but would be willing to pay for other basic services and/or a general health check on the 7th or 8th (cant make this weekend).
  2. J

    Possible SF Bay Area GTG??????

    I'd like to meet some local TDIers so I'd be in. I see a TDI on the road maybe once a month with any luck.
  3. J

    non-user fuel mileage variables

    Anyone else want to chime in with their list?
  4. J

    non-user fuel mileage variables

    Tony, the weather here (Oakland, CA) is moderate, so I only use the AC if there's a heat wave, which has only happened twice this summer. The needle on the temperature guage always rises to dead center (can't remember what temp that is). This car doesn't have a snow screen, I checked for one...
  5. J

    non-user fuel mileage variables

    So my 2004 Golf TDI 5 speed manual gets poor fuel mileage. I drive for good mileage-with the occasional burst to clear out the cobwebs. I'd say on average 60% of driving is city with the rest freeway. And without having my fuel log in front of me, the overall MPG is probably about 33-34. I've...
  6. J

    04 pd coolant loss

    Just thought I'd add myself to the list. I have a (recently purchased CPO) '04 GOLF TDI with 30,000 and have taken it in to a dealer 3 times due to coolant loss. 1st time they said air may have been trapped in the system and when it "burped" the coolant level dropped, they replaced coolant (the...
  7. J

    California TDI Owners List

    1. dlai, 2005 Passat Wagon, South San Francisco 2. Peter Pyce, 2002 Jetta, Mountain View 3. Peter Cheuk, 1998 Jetta, Daly City 4. bogstomper, 2004 Passat, San Francisco 5. Norman, 2000 Golf, San Jose 6. First D, 2002 Jetta, Anaheim 7. eetsoot, 2002 Jetta, Oxnard 8. Hesh, 2000 Golf, La Honda 9...
  8. J

    My new Golf's low mpg.

    Re: My new Golf\'s low mpg. Thanks for the responses so far, already very helpful. For the record my golf is also a 5-speed manual. I guess I need to go fill 'er up in order to calculate my mpg instead of using tank capacity and the fuel gauge--what was I thinking! I've also done some research...
  9. J

    My new Golf's low mpg.

    My new Golf\'s low mpg. So I recently bought a CPO 2004 Golf TDI with 27000 on the odometer (wish I had found this website sooner). One of the biggest reasons for choosing a TDI was of course the great gas mileage--but where is it? Unfortunately, it doesn't have the multi-function display, so I...