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    If I can't have a VW TDI - I'm going full electric

    Thanks for this info. Exactly what I was looking for.
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    If I can't have a VW TDI - I'm going full electric

    Dead for you maybe.......I'm currently looking at buying a new car. So climb back under your rock for another 6 months. And where I live our power is produced by hydro so it isn't a concern to me.
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    If I can't have a VW TDI - I'm going full electric

    Wow! Just wasted too much time reading 10 pages where most of it is bashing and BS. Hoping to get details or opinions on buying an electric car to replace my TDI but guess I should look for a new site. I personally don't care how my electricity was made and here in Canada plugs in garages and...
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    Dieselgate, The Canadian Edition

    Yes luckily I came across someone's post directing me to that page. Thanks
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    Dieselgate, The Canadian Edition

    Agree with your reply but.........if there wasn't so much BS in this thread and it was strictly about facts on Canadian scandal I'm sure everyone would read each post. I just logged on for first time in awhile and seems like endless pages of useless banter and not too many facts. But that's...
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    Dieselgate, The Canadian Edition

    Yup I would consider buying one again. That is if the economy is similar and reliability is good. No I don't like being lied to but it happens in all our day to day lives and just hope VW mans up and makes me a happy VW customer again. PS I'm sure my F250 spews more pollutants on start up than...
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    Dieselgate, The Canadian Edition

    I personally am hoping for a buyout because my 2013 Passat is at 65,000km overdue for DSG service and running out of warranty. Even if no scandal I would be looking to trade this car in soon as I work out of town lots and need a "reliable" car on warranty for the wife because she drives Hwy...
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    20k Service done by VW - Having Issues, anyone else ?

    I prefer to do most maintenance myself. Well I didn't get free service while on warranty up here in Canada so made the choice easier. My Passat was in dealership for over two weeks and hate to think of what could be wrong. I hope you found everything that they missed.
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    heater blower dead

    Well 14+ days in dealership for turbo,oil pump and catilitic converter replacement and now back. Fan worked on way home last night from dealer. This am wife takes to work and no fan for the 40 min hey drive. Went out 15 minutes and videotaped for dealer and still no fan. 3 hours later went out...
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    TURBO: 2012-2014 Passat turbo failures [discussion thread]

    Crappy pics but that's what they sent. [/URL][/IMG] Trying to add pic from turbo failure. [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG]
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    TURBO: 2012-2014 Passat turbo failures [discussion thread]

    Well been 14 days in dealership so far. New turbo came in from Germany and they replaced oil pump also. Noticed lots of oil in exhaust and into catalytic converter so they have now ordered one and should be here Monday. He is also figuring will need some sensors as will be oil fouled. And...
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    TURBO: 2012-2014 Passat turbo failures [discussion thread]

    Yea I don't pay them for oil changes. This will be free or nothing. Will try to get ahold of VW Canada next week.
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    TURBO: 2012-2014 Passat turbo failures [discussion thread]

    I have read the first 20 pages but maybe someone can give me their advice. My turbo "blew" last week and when I asked if they are changing my oil the service rep says for $120 they can. I figure that should be covered under warranty with the turbo change to make sure no FOD in the oil. They...
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    TURBO: Please report NMS turbo failures here. [not a discussion thread!]

    Date of Failure: Jan 10,2015 Miles on car at failure:30,xxxkm Build date: Corrective actions from dealership:Replace Turbo Outside air temps at failure:-28C Failure warning signs, if any:Sudden loss of power Warning lights on dash/MFI:Glowplug light, chk eng Problems since replacement:Still at...
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    Heating System

    I agree must be excess humidity in car. Are floor mats wet? Or frozen and then when warm up a bit wet and causing excess moisture. Up here in Manitoba when it is -30 and I wash our car or bring it in heated garage it fogs up instantly on inside when put outside. Need to crack windows or leave...
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    block heater recall

    Link dosnt work on my phone but will give a try on my computer. Also had those fuse box washers/whatever done while new block heater install. All went well and seems to work. I didn't take it in for the pre-recall where they glue the flap ****. Figured it to be waste of time and don't want to...
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    Question for rubber mat owners 6MT (husky, weathertech, OEM)

    Weathertech's are awesome. Never move around. Trunk liner fits like a glove. Will never go back summer or winter.
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    Tire Rack - Steelies FAIL

    Same issue I had with tire rack and 1010tire. No steelies for my passat. Ended up getting 16" alloys so I'm not just swapping the rubber. Night and day over the Hancraps
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    2012 Passat DSG+Snow=FAIL

    Better snow tires. We have snow here and my car dosnt even spin with my Nokian snow tires. I waited until after first snow to switch wheels so I could feel the difference once again. Good set of winter tires perform better than my F250 in 4x4.