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    Lift for TDI Sportwagen (for oversize tires)

    I put the lift spring kit from on this last spring. Last week I put on new 225/50R17 tires. There is still a bit more gap than I wanted, but only going up 1 step fixed my speedo. It has been 2mph slow since brand new now its bang on. The next set of tires will be taller but skinnier.
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    2-Way Radio Installation Questions

    I have been trying to decide what, where, and how to install a rig in my '14 JSW. To many radios, not enough dash space.
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    Third Broken Spring!

    The left rear spring broke a month ago. Parked the car and ordered the lift kit from IdParts. Installed the IdParts kit and found the right rear spring was broken too but not in the middle like the left side so it was not noticeable. Replaced them at 118k miles.
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    FOR SALE: Mk4 Rally light bar

    Do you make any bars that are higher like around the VW emblem? I really want a spot to mount some lights but I need them up higher for better coverage down the road.
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    2011 Sportwagen Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad FM reception

    I have a RCD510. my radio reception used to be great. But after VW replaced my pano roof its absolute crap. I think they cut the antenna wire or something. I have not dropped the liner to inspect it thou.
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    New JSW buyer and I’m panicking

    I have a '14 JSW TDI manual with nav/pano. The Pano rails were replaced under the 36k warranty due to it going all wonky. But other than that there have been zero issues(until last weekend when the driver rear spring broke). The engine has been trouble-free, with no emissions issues or anything...
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    Time For A Battery

    I have the same hesitation as Aclyton59. It seems like it's just a battery but everyone is saying it required professional installation. Figure use one of those memory saver cig lighter plug things and swap it out.
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    Bluetooth Auto Connects for Calls Only

    I have a '14 JSW with Nav. I upgraded from a Samsung Note3 to a Note 8 and have the same issue, my phone will not pair for media no matter what I do. It's VERY annoying. I'm about to put in an aftermarket deck.
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    Battery replacement cost/options

    So if you look up the car on most auto part sites it tells you that it must be replaced by a service tech and the computer has to be reset. *** are they talking about? seems like rubbish to me. "Vehicle Computer System Must Be Reset And Battery Registered Using Scan Tool"
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    Towing Look at the ecohitch
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    Info on disabled Canadian Block Heaters (Recall 19J9 & 19K4)

    I wish I could have got a block heater here in Alaska. Dealer installed an oil pan heater, but they don't warm the engine very well. I have not had time to install a frost fighter yet.
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    What’s the most you’ve hauled in your wagen?

    1500lbs plus me. had 30 bags of animal feed. folded down the rear seats. put 5 bags of feed on the passenger seat and floorboard and the rest in the back. stacked to the roof as far forward as I could. She sure felt heavy but never bottomed out and still got 41mpg on the 52-mile drive home...
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    Car always in REGEN

    Since the software update 2 years ago my car is in and out of regen every day. I do ~100 miles round trip daily. Used to only do it every few days maybe twice a tank of fuel. Can't wait to get the "fix" done and for VW to send me the check so I can have Malone "unfix" the whole thing.
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    Mobil 1 ESP

    I use the 0-30 in the winter and the 5-30 in the summer. Thou I'm not sure its worth the flip-flop.
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    Cold weather Tdi question

    I am in my 4th winter with my TDI. It has never not started. There was one day at -34F when I forgot to plug it in, it did not like it but it started. I don't plug in till 0, and at that its just an oil pan heater and it runs for about an hr to hr half before I fire it up. Planning on a frost...
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    Burning Oil 2015 TDI

    I own a '14 JSW TDI. It is just over 82,000 miles as of this morning drive to work. I have never had to add oil between oil changes(10,000 miles) And it has never been more than a half qt low at oil change time. But I may not have gotten it full on the last one so I chalked it up as close...
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    Stories when filling up at "gasoline station"

    Two Cimtek 30 micron filters will flow 80 gpm in parallel operation And the 10 microns will do the same. They are 5x12'ish. The High flow pumps at my local petrol station have 4 filters in the dispenser. 2 of the 30 micron particle filters. And than 2 10 micron water block filters. When new the...
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    Stories when filling up at "gasoline station"

    Even the high volume pumps have filters on them. Not sure where you got the idea they don't.
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    rear fog light how to

    I'd like the rear fog. Just yesterday morning driving to town on the highway there was a lot of blowing snow. Didn't know I was coming up on the truck in front of me until I was about 20' from them. I'm sure the folks behind me were in a similar situation.
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    rear fog light how to

    4 pages of info here. overview of the project on page 2. And links to other threads on page 3 and 4. The search function is a wonderful thing.