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    I can't believe this

    My Missouri title is me with my wife TOD, and they didn't reject my docs for her not signing it... Haven't received my offer yet though.
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    Dealer Loyality Cards

    I have tried to use it on Amazon and on Square... No worky.
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    TURBO: Please report NMS turbo failures here. [not a discussion thread!]

    Mine Went Last Week Date of Failure: December 29 Miles on car at failure:28051 Build date:10/24/2013 Corrective actions from dealership:Replaced Turbo, Associated Oil lines, bolts, gaskets, changed oil, updated ECM to 23N5, also replaced an DEF injector nipple they found broken during repair...
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    2012+ Passat TDI: What did you pay?

    2014 Passat TDI SE / Sunroof $26,300 out the door. Delivered 150 miles from Columbia to North of Kansas City