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    Wtb alh injectors

    How many miles are on them? Since the EPA got rid of Sulphur in late '05, the stock ALH injectors are good for 150k miles. New tips should have a DLC coating so that they last longer. You might get a few more miles out of them if you were religious about adding an additive but they don't last...
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    No Longer WTB ALH Injector Puller Tool

    If your valve cover leaks as bad as ours do, they'll pop right out.
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    Which year ALH? '03 has a different connector.
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    Junkyard ALH vs teardown and rebuild

    They want $1,000 for something like that around here, I miss the old days.
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    In the middle of ALH timing belt questions....

    No problem, so why didn't his sprocket move when he was tensioning it?
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    No Longer WTB ALH Injector Puller Tool

    I used one that I made for my Cummins, 2 nuts and a bolt makes a slide hammer.
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    In the middle of ALH timing belt questions....

    But when you install everything, there is no tension, when you tension it, it does move. I've only done 2 (3rd coming up soon) and they both moved about the same amount.
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    What is this part?

    The only concern would be that there is an exposed "hot" wire connection when it's cold out. You could heat shrink a couple of layers on it if you wanted to protect it.
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    Mystery creak/clunk

    When they start to move around that much all kinds of bad stuff can happen, things aren't where they're designed to be and there isn't a ton of extra room.
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    Faint knocking under light throttle

    How many miles are on it? I heard a slight knock after a 30 minute drive on the highway. I kept the driving time to a minimum until I replaced the injectors a couple of weeks later. That fixed the knock. According to Drive By Wire, the original tips are only good for 150k miles due to the...
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    ALH injector service interval

    I had new tips installed and pop tested by Drive By Wire last year. During our conversation I mentioned that the injectors I was replacing had over 300,000 miles on them. I was told that due to the essential elimination of phosphorus from diesel fuel, the OEM unhardened injector tips are only...
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    In the middle of ALH timing belt questions....

    I didn't see the cam sprocket rotating on the cam as the tensioner was rotated. Are the cam and IP sprockets able to rotate as the belt is being tensioned? The crank is stationary and the belt between the crank and the tensioner on the firewall side doesn't move much if at all. The slack comes...
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    WTB: VNT-17 && 11mm fuel pump for an ALH

    None of my engineering coworkers could change their oil except one.
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    Inner CV Joint Rebuild/Replacement Procedure

    Powder Hound (or anyone else), have you done this side-to-side joint swap? I'm in a situation where this could be viable for me, saving a bit of money (but not necessarily time).
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    What are these parts and where do they go???

    Plastic trough is a harness support on the driver's side under the master cylinder.
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    beetle to golf suspension swap?

    The brakes on the front of the 1.8T and V-6 cars are bigger, the front sway bar might be bigger, the rear brakes are the same. You'll need the whole strut assembly as the calipers are attached to the strut housing with brackets on those cars, the bolt directly to the housing with the TDI's. Do...
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    Help! Hard coolant pipe won’t go back in

    VW sold me the wrong O-ring based on the VIN for the '01. They gave me the round ring and it was the square one. Glad you have it fixed.
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    Can't start. 2002 ALH. Help Needed

    You mention bleeding the lines after a no start, are you finding air in the lines when you do that?
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    Are these motor mounts bad? Options for new ones?

    You get what you pay for. I used "OEM quality" mounts for my wife's '03 and they are. I used cheaper mounts for my '01 and they were stiff to start with but mellowed a bit with age. They are still stiff when the temps drop.