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    How many of us daily drive these old cars....?

    I can honestly say my 97 A3 has been the best car I have ever owned. Purchased it at 3 years old and have driven it continuously since then. Now has 470,000 Km's on it and it still has original clutch, starter, injection pump, heater fan motor, wiper motor, and the motor has had no work beyond...
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    Hw to tell if I have a 1Z or AHU?

    I have a 97 A3 TDI with a 1Z engine that has the coolant cooled EGR. I have never been able to find the coolant hoses for the cooler. I thought this car should have had an AHU, but it clearly shows 1Z on the engine. Even the dealers couldn't find them listed anywhere. Another weird VW anomaly...
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    A3 Pw ?

    I don't recall ever seeing a 97 A3 TDI with power windows, but I have definitely seen both 98's and 99's with them.
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    Strange throttle behavior

    Are you guys stepping on the brake while you are pushing down on the accelerator? If so, this is normal behavior for a fly by wire throttle system on many of the TDI's. I understand that it is a failsafe so that if there is a malfunction in the throttle that you will stop any unwanted...
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    98 Jetta TDI Instrument Cluster removal

    You are in luck I just had my cluster out about an hour ago. Not a bad job. 1) Disconnect the battery ground. 2) Move the steering wheel to the lowest position. 3) Pry the plastic trim left of the light switch toward the drivers seat gently. It will pop off. 4) The light switch can...
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    Silver arrow A3s

    My 97 has rear drums and 4 wheel ABS. It works well.
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    Do You really mean it when you say no smoke A3/B4?

    Re: Do You really mean it when you say no smoke A3 OK, 97 A3 220,000km's, UP chip since 80k kms, Newly installed PP357's on A4 bodies, Timing top one third. IQ at 4.4. Mufflerectomy and 2 1/4 cat back exhaust, homemade CCV trap, stock air filter. Stanadyne performance formula and Amsoil cetane...
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    Thud Noise

    Something you could try would be to change the tire and wheel assembly to a different location on the car and see if the 'thud' follows the wheel and tire or stays with the original location. That would rule out if it was in the car itself or the wheel.
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    Overheating & rough idle

    I would look at a plugged fuel filter first. Had you recently filled up? Was it at a station you trust for good quality fuel? Check the filter for contaminants. Check the air filter for blockage. The coolant in the passenger side of the engine pan could very well be a small leak in the water...
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    Miss Fireing one cylinder - Injector problem.

    Does the car really seem to be missing or are you basing your judgement on the glowplug condition? If so, I would check the other three glowplugs for continuity. Glowplugs that are not working will build up a layer of black soot, while ones that work will burn it off. Good luck.
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    My daddy went to the Kentucky Derby...

    I am very saddened at your loss. A beautiful A3 makes an untimely end. I wish you luck with your new car, may it fill the Jetta's boots.
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    Edmonton Meet

    So far, that looks like it could work, hopefully a few more TDIers will come on board with this.
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    Edmonton Meet

    Sure, sometime on a weekend is best for me, I go to Edmonton and Fort Sask fairly often to visit family.
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    Odometer resetting?

    My friends 98 Jetta TDI did this as well. He just hopes the next 300,000 Km's are as good as the first were.
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    97 jetta noise

    It should be a 1Z engine and I believe there are issues with the crankshaft pulley thay can cause noise. Check in the search as I recall a thread not long ago about this. Good luck.
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    What to do to a stock b4 that needs a turbo?

    On the TDI's you do not need a boost gusge that shows vaccuum, as there is none of consequence. Go with a straight boost only guage of at least 25 lb range. This way you get more sweep on the guage face that is useable for a TDI. My $.02
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    Smoked Taillights

    With the aftermarket or trek lights, do they come with bulb sockets in the inner red portion on the trunk lid? I was thinking of putting bulbs in the inner section of mine, but there are no sockets and the mounts are covered. Thanks
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    Temperature Problems.

    Hi, I live in Alberta and my 97 Jetta will cool down noticably even at a stop sign wait of a minute or two in really cold temps. Check under hood for diesel leaks, as a line may have gotten cracked after the maintenance was performed. Almost any direct injection diesel that has unthrottled air...
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    Brake Lights Always On With Headlights - No Cruise

    Check your bulbs, I suspect one has the filament between the brake and tail lights crossed as these are dual filament type bulbs. If you remove one at a time and this is the problem it will disappear. Good luck.
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    All Stop

    I use a mini-vac pump to pull fuel through the filter. Install the filter and just hook up the inlet line, the thermostatic "T", and the mini-vac to the line going to the fuel injection pump. A few pumps and the filter is full and can be hooked back up. This process ensures that all the fuel...