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    German Engineers must have tiny feet

    I'm closing in on 3K miles on my '15 SE 6MT. I'm really loving this car. It's the most fun driving car I've owned since my '85 Supra (5MT). Granted, since then I've had 4 pickups, a Cherokee and a Yaris (all but the Isuzu Pup were autos). So far, I've only come up with a few small nits, and...
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    2014 SE - iphone, bluetooth, Siri

    I had the same question. Was looking at some WV references on this and it sort of sounded as if it will only work if the parking brake is on. I haven't tested it, though. I don't use Siri enough to be overly annoyed about it.
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    Cell phone mount.

    I got a Snap3 that mounts into my unused CD player slot and love it. Phone is up high where I can see it without taking my eyes too far off the road, and the hold, even with the magnetic mount, is solid enough that it hasn't shaken off yet. There is very minimal blockage of the radio (non-nav)...
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    Where are the manual tranny's

    I had to choose between 'gadgets' and the 6MT when I bought my Passat about a month ago. I went with the manual, even though I really wanted some level of gadgetry equipage. But I can easily see many people like me who where on the fence fall of the other direction. I came very close myself.
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    Can only lock with fob, is that right?

    I wouldn't have used the sunroof, although my wife would. Would have loved push button and remote start and the corner illuminating fog lights. I really miss auto dimming mirror. Built in nav is okay for general location awareness, but I also use Waze and a CD slot mount works great. The back...
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    Can only lock with fob, is that right?

    Yup... I *just* have the SE. I had to choose between Gizmos and Gears and it'd been so long since I had a manual transmission car (motorcycles don't count) that the SE won out. If the SE with sunroof and Nav came with the the 6mt, I would have done that without question.
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    Can only lock with fob, is that right?

    Thanks. Makes sense. This in my first VW and this is one of the little things the different manufacturers do...differently.
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    Can only lock with fob, is that right?

    Greetings - It seems that the only way I can lock my new Passat is by using the fob. Pressing the lock button in Ruth front door does nothing. I've noticed this when I've gone out to retrieve something and it was already unlocked, and when trying out the unlock feature in Car Net (while it's...
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    Real World MPG - 6 speed Manual

    I'm liking what I see so far, if not what I'm reading in the news. :(
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    Volkswagen's Clean Air Act violations on 2009+ TDIs spark huge recall, investigations

    I'm scheduled to take my new Passat in to the dealer tomorrow morning for a free 2-week checkup. Will be curious to hear what they have to say. I'm not a "sky is falling" type, but this is a little disturbing to hear. On the other hand, my first Fuelly report came back at 49.2mpg.
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    How do I really know a ReGen is happening?

    Does anyone have a favorite iOS app and what dongle works with it? Thanks!
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    New to TDIClub? Introduce yourself here!

    Good afternoon all - I just picked up last night a new 2015 Passat TDI SE 6MT. Gray/Moonrock. I have been debating since Spring between this and an SEL. I really wanted all the bells and whistles of the SEL, but I also wanted the manual gearbox and I like the look of the brushed aluminum...
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    VoA: Passat receives a major facelift later in model year 2016

    I'm in the process of trying to sell a camper, so I can trade in my F150 for a 2015 Passat. The truck has the bumper sensors that I initially thought were a useless, expensive gimmick. Then one day I was about to back out of a parking spot at Walmart. Looked around; no one was near me and...
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    Why You Should Not Buy A Dsg Transmission

    Reading the recent posts about the need to reset after stalling a manual makes me wonder if this would be a poor platform for teaching a new driver. I'm sure my son will stall out a bunch at first especially.
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    New guy getting closer....

    That's the hope. I own the truck outright but owe some still on the camper. If this guy comes through for me as I've asked (tried to be reasonable and not ask for the Moon... just a small satellite), then the payment on an SEL would be less than I'm paying for the camper and monthly storage...
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    New guy getting closer....

    I've been working with the Sales Manager of a dealership near(ish) to me who has assisted customers in the past to unload campers. They've have a few '15 TDI SEL Passats still on the lot that I'm sure they're motivated to move out. While I'd prefer a '16 with Carplay (I'm an Apple guy -...
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    New guy getting closer....

    I'd be coming from a 17mpg F150 so I'm sure I'll be thrilled with it. I did manage to squeeze an honest 35-38 out of the Yaris. Still have to sell that camper first, because a Passat can't pull it. A TDI Touareg could...hmmmm. Nah, I wanna stay married.
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    Another news article on '16s, but not much news... One thing that caught my eye was: "The actual production switch to making new Passats which will be sold to customers is expected to take place soon, according to...
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    New guy getting closer....

    Thanks for the welcome and the suggestions. I showed the GSW to my wife. While she freely admitted that she had no good reason for it, she just doesn't like the wagon body style. Maybe VWoA has listened to people's complaints and will offer 6MT in the higher trim levels of the Passat line...
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    New guy getting closer....

    And before I can trade in the 150, I have to get rid of a travel trailer and Fall isn't a great time for selling those. :-/