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    2012 Jetta tdi still under warranty VW now says will Buy Back

    Buy back. One of my favorite VW war stories................ During the summer of 2017 VW offered me just under $25,000 for my 2013 JSW TDI 6M. I took the offer I bought a brand new 2017 Jetta 1.4 5M for $14,000 and change My wife often says to me: "You'll never get a deal like that...
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    1.4 EA211 spark plug change interval.................

    Additional research would seem to indicate that the later model VW Jetta 1.4L EA211 4 cylinder has iridium spark plugs - which last much longer. It's all good!! ez
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    ‘81 caddy hum in gears or axle, help me diagnose!

    I drove an '82 VW Rabbit diesel 5M pickup 300,000 miles - then sold it to a restoration guy. Never changed the 5 speed's lubricant. (Restoration folks said they painted it, new upholstery plus some other small items. Didn't touch the engine. Sold it for 12 grand. I don't think they were...
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    Ecopia 422+ OEM tires - at 52,000 miles - measure 6/32 all around. FE - agree with ticaf - is impressive.....almost 41 MPG in 60City use. ez
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    Out of alignment/tire question 2017 Jetta

    Hi (again) 'Cube, While I do miss my JSW TDI 6M - this 1.4L replacement - after the $25k buyback - is really appreciated by this old sailor. In other news, I'm thinking about asking OH about the newer Jettas - using the same spark plugs - have a longer plug change interval than my...
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    real world EVs review

    When VOA laid 25 grand on me for my JSW TDI 6M, I was so impressed - another VW was soon in my garage. I'm not ready to go EV (along with about 95 of all new car buyers IIRC.) ez sends on this (welcome) beautiful day in NoCal.
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    Out of alignment/tire question 2017 Jetta

    Hi "Cube", When you mention 107,000 trouble-free miles with 1.4L engine, you have really made me happy. I am now realizing - at 51k - what a great deal buying the '17 Jetta 1.4L S is proving to be. Thanks for posting, ez
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    Out of alignment/tire question 2017 Jetta - for over 51,000 miles - calc's just under 41 MPG for my '17 VW Jetta 1.4L 5M
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    stick with G52 in your tranny - here's why...

    My 2017 VW Jetta "S" 1.4L 5M owner's manual does not address the manual transmission oil subject at all.................... I telephoned the Dealer - service tech said "100,000 miles oil change interval" ez
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    If you were to replace your TDI with something similar, what would it be?

    I'd go along with Hskrdu - the VW Golf Sportwagen using the 1.4L/6M. It will easily surpass 30 MPG (IIRC EPA IS 37). The 1.4L gets positive high mile reliability for those I've contacted on Fuelly dot com. My 1.4L - at 51,000 - is without any issues. ez
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    Out of alignment/tire question 2017 Jetta

    My 2017 Jetta 1.4L 5M - at 51,000 - reads 7/32 on my tread depth device......factory Ecopia tires. Evenly worn.
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    2017 Jetta Driver Side Heated Seat Issue

    Does the stock 2017 VW Jetta "S" 5M have heated seats.......(if so where is the control switch located?) Seasons best, ez
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    tips for fuel economy

    Around here - 500 miles north of San Diego - the popular culture is to accelerate INTO a red light. Honestly - I am appalled at the level of discourtesy, ineptitude and deportment of a very high percentage of MV operators around our state capital.................... I am on my 21st year of...
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    83 VW Pickup 1.6 diesel ... back from death...

    Sure nice to see such a nice restoration on that diesel pickup. I drove an '83 VW Rabbit Diesel Pickup 300,000 miles - prior to replacing it with a 2013 VW JSW TDI 6M. Pickup sold to a VW restoration guy at 5th and W in Sacramento (CA). He said he sold it for 12 grand!! (Later, his son said he...
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    2008 Jetta Tire Pressure Monitor "Relearn"

    TPMS - a positive for safer driving - - - or a big pain in the A$$?. Returning from an 890 mile NorCal - SoCal trip (HS Class Reunion)..................... The TPMS "Ping" sounded - and the low tire icon appeared............. We exited I-5 near the Tehachipi summit - - - Elevation 4144...
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    Stories when filling up at "gasoline station"

    I pulled up to my favorite pump at the best run Chevron in Roseville (CA). During the fueling a Union Pacific maintenance foreman and I spoke about my car. He was interested in three areas: fuel economy, available torque with the manual transmission and finally the vehicle cost. After wishing...
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    tips for fuel economy

    Speed, wind resistance and fuel blend are all - IMHO - big MPG factors.................... My 2013 VW JSW TDI 6M - via buyback - has given way to the 1.4L EA211 (thru a manual)............... I miss that diesel wagon - - - - but the diminutive RON 87 1.4 gets .9 of the wagon's stellar fuel...
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    Mpg of a jetta sportwagon?

    After 4 years - 50,000 miles - my 2013 TDI JSW 6M - per Fuelly - was 44 MPG - in 65City35 Hwy............ YMMV ez
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    1.4 EA211 spark plug change interval.................

    The factory reccomended VW Jetta 1.4L spark plug change interval increases on the newer Jetta models. IIRC - beginning with the 2016 1.4L - all the 1.4L engines use the same double platinum spark plugs.................. Yet the earlier 1.4L Jettas call for 40,000 mile plug replacement - - - -...
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    Great Bosch Benefit

    That is nice to know. I purchased a Bosch Ascenta a few moons ago. I wonder if I overlooked anything in my mailbox..........................