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    Vw beetle parts swap combatability

    Any idea what year beetle/golf seats will fit in a 1998 new beetle? I am hoping the 04 beetle seats will mount without any modifications, otherwise maybe some golf/gti seats will fit? The junkyard says the 04 seats will not fit but he suggested I check the forums before buying them to try, as...
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    200,000 mile club... roll call!

    Bought my 2006 tdi jetta dsg with 226,000 on it last week. only put 200 miles on it so far and am very pleased. The doors don't lock and the brakes kinda suck but I'll figure it all out in due time. My goal is 500,000 miles, hopefully i revisit this thread in a decade and laugh
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    2010 Jetta door latch fix.

    Will this fix work if the key fob, and interior switches don't work on any of the doors? I have the codes from my buddies vagcom but not accessible right now. they were low voltage issues with doors and airbags. still have to check the battery with voltage meter. The door issue was known before...