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    May 2010 Mileage Thread

    Why not do it on Then get people to post their fuelly pages here. There's plenty of data there already and it does the calculations for you.
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    Fuel brand vs MPG

    Don't count on the engine trip computer to judge your mileage. Not to mention that your driving habits vary from day to day (and hour to hour) so short term readings from the MTB are meaningless. The most accurate way to do it is the old fashioned way: divide your odometer reading by the...
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    Vagcom for new Jeep Liberty

    It has - new Chrysler vehicles from the 2005 Magnum and 300 and all the 2006 lineup will use the Can-Bus protocol. In a nutshell Can-Bus is a type of high speed local area network and all the car's devices communicate to one another through the same two wires on the Can Bus network. ECU, ABS...
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    Vagcom for new Jeep Liberty

    I would imagine that the new Jeep Liberty will conform to Chrysler's new standard of using CAN-Bus to communicate between the various electronic modules. Therefore VAG-Com would be pretty useless, even in OBD-II mode.
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    high milage tdi's

    high milage tdi\'s A properly maintanined 200,000 mile TDI is equivalent to a properly maintained 120,000 mile gasser. The TDI is a very stout engine. Good luck with it.
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    Turbo replacement

    Any competent shop can change the belt for you. You should order the kit from Impex and take it to a proper mechanic if you want to save a few bucks. Or to a TDIClub member who can do it for you. Looks like your dealer actually has a decent mechanic that knows what he is doing...
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    Oil in Turbo - 01 Jetta

    There's more to it. You don't know your turbo is bad. At least not from the evidence that you have presented. There will be some play in the shaft. There will be oil in the intake pipe. Both perfectly normal. Is your turbo making the correct boost pressure? Does it spool up to 19 psi and...
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    Engine Light on and Glow plug light flashing....

    Me neither. This past tank of Biodiesel from Stoho's has not triggered a code. These codes have never made me stop using their fuel. Those of you who are squeamish about the glow plug light should get over it and use the fuel for the purpose that you tried it in the first place: to make your...
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    Drop in fuel mileage

    I've found that the best injector cleaner available today is a few tankfulls of Biodiesel. B20 biodiesel is available in more and more urban centres now. Try and seek some out and make the switch. Your local farmers and the environment will love you. And your car will run better. I...
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    Power loss at 28000 km

    It's doubtful that it is the intake or exhaust clogging. You should monitor the boost pressure either with a mechanical gauge or with VAG-Com. Find someone with VAG com in your area to help ald go for a drive. Vag Com has very good datalogging capabilities that can be saved and plotted after...
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    CEL & Coolant Temp Sensor?

    That's exactly what it is. Replace the coolant temperature sensor. Note that there are two different types. Make sure you have the correct one for your car. The part number is stamped on the sensor. Drain your rad and engine before you remove the sensor. Even then you'll spill some coolant...
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    Off to Canada for 12 days

    Irving's diesel is excellent. And it's available all over the east coast. Avoid Esso. Henry
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    Mk IV Wheel bearing assembly and ball joint

    As the title says - the parts will fit all MK-IV models. Beetle 98+, Golf 99+, Jetta 99+ Jetta Wagon 99+ (The wheel bearing kit includes snap ring and hub locknut.) Both items are new in the box.
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    cleaned the intake manifold now check engine light

    Sounds like you have a leak in the intake and you can't build enough boost pressure as a result. Check all your hose clamps and check all your vacuum lines. Did you remove the manifold to clean it? If so did you get a new gasket for it? Did you torque the three bolts down to spec on the EGR...
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    Anyone tow stuff...?

    Agreed. I have towed a small boat for many thousands of miles with no incidents whatsoever. If you are judicious in the use of the clutch you will suffer no ill effects there either. My previous car had 375,000 km on it when I sold it with the original (non-slipping) clutch. I towed with it...
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    Mk IV Wheel bearing assembly and ball joint

    I bought these parts in error: Wheel bearing replacement kit includes the retaining nut. Lower ball joint. Make me an offer. Both items are brand new in the box. Henry
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    1998 Beetle TDI for sale in Toronto

    Since I have not been pursuing this sale seriously the car is still available. I'm getting serious now, so make me an offer. Henry
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    BIOX to build plant in Hamilton, Ontario

    It's a sales move. BOIX is in the business of selling biodiesel plants, not the biodiesel itself. The problem is that no one wants to buy plant #1. Companies will be interested in buying plant #2, #3, #4 etc only after they see that plant #1 is making money or has the potential of making...
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    VW roof rack for Beetle

    For Sale: VW OEM roof rack for New Beetle. Has integrated locking mechanism. I also have a ski/snowboard attachment for it, also locking. These items are in near mint condition. Located in Toronto. $200 or best offer.
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    1998 Beetle TDI for sale in Toronto

    The car is certified for California emissions. You should have no trouble importing it. Henry