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    A spacious EV for road trips: will it become real for $50K in 2023?

    Volkswagen Norway started taking reservations for the ID.Buzz Cargo a few months ago, and they are claiming that the first cars will be delivered in 2022
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    Who’s going to Tesla after their current TDI?

    I checked the US website before posting, the equipment stuff is exactly the same. The price I used was from the US website, not converted Norwegian prices
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    Who’s going to Tesla after their current TDI?

    The problem with the Polestar is the equipment packs. You can’t add equipment individually, it doesn’t come with active cruise control, if you want it (and you do) you have to add the Pilot pack for 3200 USD. If you want the heat pump you have to add the Plus pack, 4000 USD. This is the reason...
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    Who’s going to Tesla after their current TDI?

    The ID.3 lacks character, specialty in the front, it is just a big boring blob. The Born looks a lot better, at least in the pictures, haven’t seen one IRL yet. I have heard reviewers saying the Born will be more expensive than the ID.3, but at least in Norway it is significantly cheaper
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    Who’s going to Tesla after their current TDI?

    Yes, electric cars have no sales tax, normal sales tax in Norway is 25%, they dont have to pay the first time registration fee, for ICE cars it is base on a car’s weight, CO2 and NOx emission. Of the 350.000NOK that Golf I used in my previous post costs, 47.000NOK is the registration fee. If you...
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    Who’s going to Tesla after their current TDI?

    77.5% of all new passenger cars registered in September in Norway was fully electric. Tesla model Y in 1st place, model 3 in 2nd and Skoda Enyaq in 3rd I have ordered a Cupra Born (ID.3 sibling), it cost me 348.000NOK (41.200USD today), 58KWh battery, 204hp, price includes options, delivery...
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    02M, oem pd150 clutch or uprated? vnt17/22 asz

    Replacing the clutch on our 4Motion cars is a crapy job, so my tip is to do it properly the first time. I would just ask Petter what his setup is
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    Holset HE200W Modifications

    I found my latest boost graph. 7.25 psi @ 1911 rpm 11.43 @ 2058 19.6 @ 2310 I have no problem getting up hills in high gear as long as i am over 1700, and it pulls strong from 2000rpm, and my tune is not good, there might bee some spool to gain by tuning it properly
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    Holset HE200W Modifications

    I have 27.5 PSI @ 2600 rpm. HE200WG-5cm
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    Golf 4Motion Built thread - Holset DSS Darkside

    I haven't done much the last year other than drive it, but I did find out that the wastegate was not closing properly, so back in January I adjusted the tension. Spoolup was 3300rpm, after adjusting the wastegate I now have full boost at 2600 rpm. I am also running 1.9 bar now, 1.7 before. In...
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    ISO wastegated turbo/turbos for 01 tdi

    He is a busy man, but he will respond within a couple of days
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    05 Golf TDI 4Motion wagon?

    See that the oil in The Haldex diff has been replaced regularly. Service interval is oil change every 30000 km and oil + filter every 60000 km
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    Ecu change???????

    What year is the car? My 2000 AGR (registered late 1999) have a tunable ECU, no socketting or soldering required
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    ISO wastegated turbo/turbos for 01 tdi

    I'm running a Holset he200w on mine. I'm hitting 27~28 psi @ 2600rpm. Turbo should be good for 260hp @ flywheel Hx30 or 35 is way to big for a single setup
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    Clutch Problems Touran 2.0TDI

    He does not say what year it is, but 1st generation Touran is based on Mk5 Golf
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    Where to get Holset HE200WG??

    i am really happy with mine :)
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    AGR engine tuning help

    Which MAP sensor do you have? AGR comes standard with a 2.5 bar map For comparison, here is a log file from my AGR, Holset HE200W wastegate turbo, DSSR .280 nozzles, 3 bar MAP sensor and a custom tune. The tune is not finished, and the wastegate spring on my turbo is very stiff, so I have some...
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    2015 Ford Transit 3.2L PowerStroke

    In my last job I managed a fleet of 10 Transit vans. In the time I was there, a total of 15 Transits was under my care. We had very little trouble with these cars. All were fwd 2.2 diesel, medium roof. The last 2 was the new Transit Custom. Some of these did city driving with 5 minutes stops all...
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    A-4 Jetta wagon rear wiper not shutting off

    The wiper relay is under the steering column. Need to remove the two panels under the steering column. It only takes a few minutes to replace the relay
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    best clutch kit.

    Sorry, I forgot to get back to you. I strongly recommend a clutch pack for TDI, often labeled as a silent kit. I´m running a custom variant of this kit from Darkside. My kit has a custom disk not listed on the website, they claim it is capable of holding 540nm, but I don't know if they are...