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    BHW/01E 6 Speed Swap

    One thing to be aware of when re-using a geared balancer is the idle gear. It has a coating on it that is used to establish the backlash or clearance of the gearset. At assembly, the gear is firmly pushed against the mating gears to obtain zero clearance. In operation, the coating on the gear...
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    BHW/01E 6 Speed Swap

    You probably won't see much info on crank swaps as there are far cheaper and easier ways to get around the pilot bearing problem, Most have been addressed here. Check my user picture album for another. In any case, to swap the crank you will need at minimum all crank main and rod bolts, crank...
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    Need help bleeding coolant. Wits end!

    What is the indication of overheating? I generally think of it as coolant boiling, lots of pressure in cooling system due to angry water. Is it just the gauge showing hot? Maybe the sensor is bad? Just because it is new doesn't mean its good. I have never had any trouble with a BHW cooling...
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    Odd request - brake pedal height

    Be sure to adjust brake light switch afterwards. Remove switch by turning CCW, pull out plunger, re-install. Plunger self adjusts when you install it.
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    BHW/01E 6 Speed Swap

    Snub mount needs to be in the receptacle or engine will rock back on acceleration. The transmission mounts can bottom out if the movement is extreme enough, you'll hear lots of noise on acceleration if that happens. Not sure if the mounts being switched left/right would make a difference, but...
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    PD injector info for those living on the edge...

    Certified, certifiable, whatever it takes man...:D
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    allroad bhw swap oil level sender

    The boss is cast into the pan, just needs drilling and tapping.
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    PD injector info for those living on the edge...

    Pioneering stuff, way back then... What do you suppose I'd be up to these days? I can't even post it here, heads exploding, manslaughter charges...:D I just can't do it in good conscience...
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    Cr injector
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    Pressure plate spacers for 02X to BHW, using B7 audi S4 clutch. Spacers are 3mm thick. Use caution, bellhousing clearance is tight.
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    ELN code does not come up in ETKA. There is an ENL code, but it is a quattro 5 speed.
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    Toureg 2056 in B6 A4 BHW swap
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    2056 vacuum conversion
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    2056 to BHW manifold adaptor
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    BHW flywheel machined from plate. B7 S4 4.2 clutch
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    B6 A4 bhw swap with oversized b7 dual side mounts
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    Toureg 2056 on bhw in b6 audi a4
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    BHW/01E 6 Speed Swap

    Could be worse, kerma and dbw fans are much more aggressive...
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    Audi B6 BHW swap wiring question (one wire left)

    Cruise buttons on the B6 A4 communicate with the ECU via a single wire interface from the steering column control module. The BHW has no such interface and uses discrete wires for each button. You could gut the column and try to run wires to each cruise switch. My cruise works fine with the...
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    Pilot bearing adaptor bhw to 02X