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    How to: solve the 04 BEW hard starts and 16705 G28 fault code.

    great writeup. hope this gets my car back on the road
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    Replacing 12V power port in Jetta Wagon

    I am wanting to replace the power port in the luggage compartment but can't figure out how this foam block comes out. Do I have to remove the trim first?
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    Low/Hi beam lights work no DRL's

    My 04 Jetta wagon DRL"s don't work but the hi/low beams work . I have swapped out the DRL relay but the drl's still don't work. Any ideas what could be wrong. Parking brake light comes on and goes off properly.
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    Unlock switches/remote won't unlock rear driver's door

    I have a 04 Jetta wagon and the rear driver's door will not unlock with the lock/unlock switch on either doors nor remote. I either have to open it from the outside or have the passenger pull the interior handle twice to open it. The remote will unlock the door so the passenger can re-enter the...
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    WTB: Jetta wagen roof cover strip

    I am looking for the left rear cover strip on the Jetta wagen. Part number is 1J9853709C. It comes on the 2001-2006 wagen. LMKwhat you have and prices shipped (include shipping agencies name) to Eastover SC 29044. TIA
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    part number for 12V power source

    I need help with getting the part number for the 12V power source located in the luggage compartment. Car is a '04 Jetta wagen TDI. The Jetta sedan power sources are not the same type. Dealer can't find the correct number for it. It has the spring back cover similar to the ashtray power source. TIA