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    2004 Jetta Glow plug engine codes

    PD glow plugs are PWM and you won't see the car apply 12V to them. It's switched on-off at a rate that defines the 'voltage' of the plug. My PD plugs give me about 0.7ohm on a quality meter. The car may be throwing GP codes due to this. Once the car is running the GP's cycle but this wouldn't...
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    Cupra R rear bushings - orientation?

    To remove the old ones I took a sawzall or drill and went around aluminum insert and hammered it out. Once it's out, you can take the sawzall and carefully (so you don't cut into the steel ring) cut through the remaining bushing toward the steel ring. Once you cut through the bushing you can get...
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    Cupra R rear bushings - orientation?

    I installed mine as described here, post #27. I'm happy with them.
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    Front End Driveline Clunk

    The motor alignment looks OK as per the bently manual. If I jack up the drivers side wheel and turn the tire with the car in 1st I get significant motor movement. See below. I have a spare used mount that I may try for troubleshooting purposes.
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    Front End Driveline Clunk

    I have a PD Jetta 5-speed with 640k-km. The car is well cared for and all normal things have been refreshed in the past. Full suspension, CV joints (GKN), LUK 17-050 clutch, TT control arm bushings, Lemfolder joints, etc. I have a significant clunk on/off throttle that's at the drivers side...
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    VW Door panel repair that is strong and looks original

    The cardboard ones? Acoustics. Noise trap is my guess.
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    Stumbling Idle on cold start only

    I made a puller from an auto body slide hammer tool. One nut that fits the injector body and one nut that fits the puller. MIG weld together. It works very well.
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    OMG! What is THIS??

    Is the thrust bearing intact? If you you can get this moved to the Mk4 - VE/PD forum you will get better guidance.
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    2002 Jetta TDI ALH, Pistons projection HELP. First thread on this forum

    I just went through this with an ALH. If your piston numbers are accurate, you would not have liked how that engine would have started in the cold. A compression test would have been a good place to start though. Being in Canada, ALH engines are a dime a dozen with lots or cars sold, lots of...
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    2003 New Beetle Door Lock Problems

    Most people seem to have micro switch problems with the door lock system. They can be replaced. There is a small electric motor that could be broken. The mechanism looks complicated but once you get the electrical piece split open, you can start testing the switches with a multi-meter and if...
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    Clutch options for 2004 VW Jetta TDI (PD engine BEW)

    My 2006 BEW Mk4 Wagon and my 2003 ALH Mk4 Sedan have the 17-050 LUK and I'm happy with both cars.
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    Low Compression, Misfire, White Smoke

    I had an ALH like this. One cylinder was 60-70lb lower than the others. It started un-evenly in the cold and smoked on startup but ran well. I replaced the block with a used one of unknown mileage. Car now has even, high compression (495psi x4) and starts really well. No smoke. I was sure to...
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    ALH Crank Seal Replacement

    I’ve removed a leaking front crank seal on my ALH and there is a considerable groove worn into the crank. Has anyone used an SKF speedie sleeve to restore the crank surface? How did it work? Could you get the new Teflon seal over the step in the sleeve without damaging the seal? Thanks
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    Stripped timing belt stud hole

    Hello, I’m doing a timing belt job on an ALH i bought. When I removed the lower small roller the stud came out with a lot of red loctite on it and remnants of the threads from the block. I’m attempting to put an M8 1.25 helicoil in it and the hole is very shallow. I can’t get the tap to start...
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    ALH Cam Wear

    2003 ALH with unknown history purchased at 273k-km. I suspect that the car was ‘serviced’ at a quick lube type place. With few miles but 6-7yrs on the timing belt (verbal, no paperwork) I decided do a belt and check the cam. After seeing some lobe tip wear and pitting I pulled the cam and ONE of...
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    ALH - Stumbling Start

    Hello, 2003 ALH Jetta 5 speed - 280k-km Background: I bought this car from an older lady that didn't do much other than drive it around town, original owner. The intake was clogged and head ports were clogged. I did a through cleaning and walnut blasted the head on the car, it's spotless now...
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    Timing Belt Tension Change

    Hello, BEW TDI I did my own belt 120k-km ago using good parts. INA roller, Littens tensioner etc. After I did the belt I took the car to a shop to check the torsion and I set it to -/+ 0.5 (I forget) and drove the car. I now have VCDS and checked the torsion to find it at -3.7. Inspection shows...
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    BEW Turbo Failure

    Hello, After 635k-km, my original turbo blew pulling away from a stop. High pitched noise and no power. All boost hoses look tight and intact. I drove about 1km on city streets home. Is there any concern of debris in the engine due to the internal interference in the turbo? Buy an upgraded...
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    Drive Shaft Wear

    I pulled an OEM junkyard half-shaft to rebuild for a project car that has a loose aftermarket axle on it. The outer was good but the inner needed a boot (joint was OK) and I found that the joint (inner) was somewhat loose on the splines. When I removed the circlip, the joint would slide off the...
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    Ross-Tech KII-USB

    $150usd shipped anywhere in Canada or USA. It’s at the current firmware version and works great. PayPal or Canadian EMT. Thank you