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    Front End Driveline Clunk

    I have a PD Jetta 5-speed with 640k-km. The car is well cared for and all normal things have been refreshed in the past. Full suspension, CV joints (GKN), LUK 17-050 clutch, TT control arm bushings, Lemfolder joints, etc. I have a significant clunk on/off throttle that's at the drivers side...
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    ALH Crank Seal Replacement

    I’ve removed a leaking front crank seal on my ALH and there is a considerable groove worn into the crank. Has anyone used an SKF speedie sleeve to restore the crank surface? How did it work? Could you get the new Teflon seal over the step in the sleeve without damaging the seal? Thanks
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    Stripped timing belt stud hole

    Hello, I’m doing a timing belt job on an ALH i bought. When I removed the lower small roller the stud came out with a lot of red loctite on it and remnants of the threads from the block. I’m attempting to put an M8 1.25 helicoil in it and the hole is very shallow. I can’t get the tap to start...
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    ALH Cam Wear

    2003 ALH with unknown history purchased at 273k-km. I suspect that the car was ‘serviced’ at a quick lube type place. With few miles but 6-7yrs on the timing belt (verbal, no paperwork) I decided do a belt and check the cam. After seeing some lobe tip wear and pitting I pulled the cam and ONE of...
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    ALH - Stumbling Start

    Hello, 2003 ALH Jetta 5 speed - 280k-km Background: I bought this car from an older lady that didn't do much other than drive it around town, original owner. The intake was clogged and head ports were clogged. I did a through cleaning and walnut blasted the head on the car, it's spotless now...
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    Timing Belt Tension Change

    Hello, BEW TDI I did my own belt 120k-km ago using good parts. INA roller, Littens tensioner etc. After I did the belt I took the car to a shop to check the torsion and I set it to -/+ 0.5 (I forget) and drove the car. I now have VCDS and checked the torsion to find it at -3.7. Inspection shows...
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    BEW Turbo Failure

    Hello, After 635k-km, my original turbo blew pulling away from a stop. High pitched noise and no power. All boost hoses look tight and intact. I drove about 1km on city streets home. Is there any concern of debris in the engine due to the internal interference in the turbo? Buy an upgraded...
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    Drive Shaft Wear

    I pulled an OEM junkyard half-shaft to rebuild for a project car that has a loose aftermarket axle on it. The outer was good but the inner needed a boot (joint was OK) and I found that the joint (inner) was somewhat loose on the splines. When I removed the circlip, the joint would slide off the...
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    Ross-Tech KII-USB

    $150usd shipped anywhere in Canada or USA. It’s at the current firmware version and works great. PayPal or Canadian EMT. Thank you
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    ALH Intake Ports - Walnut Blasting

    So I bought a one owner car because the body was clean (for my locale) and the price was right. Original wind screen, no window aperture chips, great looking leather interior and new Michelins. I couldn't say no... I drove it home happily but it was SLOW. The intake was plugged...
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    Upgrading high mileage engine

    Hi, I have a Jetta BEW with 620,00km. By me, since new, all highway. Starts well in the cold outdoors southern Ontario. BEW uses about a 1L-1.5L between 16,000km interval. Little cloud of smoke on startup, looks like oil. M1 TDT since 160k. I’d like to start and play with it a bit. EGR...
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    Vibration After Front End Work

    Hello, PD Jetta Wagon - 5 speed - 600k-km I refreshed the front end on my wagon with all new control arm bushings, springs, shocks, joints, wheel bearings and it rides like new. After this work was done and the car was aligned, I've noticed a thumping/drumming, usually lower RPM under load. Its...
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    PD TDI Intermittent No Crank

    Hi 06 BEW TDI 1.9 Jetta wagon. I have had an intermittent no crank condition (all dash lights normal no clicking no current draw) where the car just won't crank. Try again later and no problem. The car has a good OEM VW battery. Is there anything to check before I pull the starter? Clutch switch...
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    PD Injector Cores

    Hi I recently replaced a PD injector on my BEW to solve a long term issue. Are the cores valuable or are they trash? Thanks
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    New LUK clutch slipping

    Hi I just replaced my original Sachs clutch with 520k-km with a LUK rep set. It is wonderfully smooth with a light pedal. I have a stock PD wagon and in my first day with the new clutch I found I could make it slip at full throttle. I replaced the old clutch because the throw out bearing was...
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    PD Camshaft - When to change

    Hi I have a good running PD that I just opened up to do a timing belt job on. The cam is 15\16. 15 lobes are perfect, the one closest to the tandem has lost the chamfer and has a slightly streaky look to it. The lifters look good. I don't want to do the belt job twice and now would be the time...
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    Rear Wheel Bearing Retaining Nut

    Hi I'm replacing the rear wheel hub and my original nut was very large, the replacement the dealer gave me is much smaller. Both appear to support the bearing race adequitly. Does it matter? Use the new small one or reuse the original large one with retaining compound. Thanks
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    PD TDI missing/bucking at high speed

    2006 Jetta Wagon (A4 car) 1.9 PD TDI 505,000km I've owned this car since new and have full history of all repairs, which are minimal. At high speeds over 100km/hr the car has a mis or cut out that is quickly getting worse. If you slow down its better and if you downshift at the slower speed to...
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    PD Glow Plug Part Numbers

    Hi, I just replied to another threat with this info but realized it was in the A5 section... I have a 2006 Jetta Wagon (A4 car, BEW engine, Canadian market) and have a failed glow plug. The original plug that was removed was an NGK Nxxxxx04, the dealer sold me an NGK Nxxxxx08 because they say...
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    A4 Wagon - Stranged Noise Solved

    I've had a low RPM (starting from a stop) noise that has been getting worse for about 2 years. Comes and goes and not consistent. Sounds like an exhaust resonance or the like. The sound has since become constant at idle and I was concerned about the BEW cam issues changing the intake sounds...