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    2005 passat tdi bhw

    2005 passat tdi 2.0 134,000 miles on it, just redid the brakes in the rear and I have calipers for the front in the trunk. no issues with the car and it's practically rust free other then the passenger side front fender. I had the balance shaft delete done on this car this past fall and I...
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    2005 Passat tdi

    no issues, currently in the shop getting the balance shaft delete done. had the 2.0 BHW engine. 130,000 miles and many more left to be put on it. I love the thing but I'd really like to have a manual alh jetta or golf. the Passat has had the transmission fluid changed every 60,000 miles and the...
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    2000 Jetta won't start due to air in the lines

    I have a 2000 Jetta TDI ALH 5 speed, I've been having this issue since I bought it. I keep seeing air seep back to the clear line from the injection pump. I've replaced all the seals in the pump put a new fuel filter in it I've bleed the system and the injectors at least 10 times. I'm stumped on...
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    Unable to tell if my 2005 VW Passat tdi has had the bsm fix yet

    I'm new to the forum and I just bought this 2005 Passat tdi with 130,000 miles on it. I have no issues with it but I'm concerned on whether or not the bsm is still the faulty chain driven or if it was swapped to gear driven. The previous owner had no idea what i was talking about when I asked. I...