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    //// How hard is it to build a lithium battery and BMS system ? ////

    I think I just learned more about LiFe batteries than I have ever realized I needed to know. Thanks.
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    Thermal Barrier Coatings

    "effective" is subjective conjecture. I need actual values for thermal co-efficient and preferrably some measurement data for piston temps before and after treating (that are way beyone DIY level to measure). One project I am working with has been making MMC pistons (FANTASTIC properties) but...
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    1.2 TDI for Aircraft

    Achates has had a 2.7 litre, 270 HP 3 cylinder running for several years - but in once again uber-porky automotive trim. Superior Air Parts had a genuine aviation 100 HP 3 cylinder mockup they showed in 2015 at S&F and Osh, but their own internal problems and lack of in-house engineering...
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    1.2 TDI for Aircraft

    Well, I AM anti-Rotax - and anti-anything-else spark ignition. Have to cite them, though as they literally own the market for 80 and 100HP engines worldwide, and they make a fine engine and an even better gearbox. What I was trying to convey (having to post in short bursts as I am very tied...
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    1.2 TDI for Aircraft

    The old school drag guys (that's drag RACERS, not...well, you know) used to acid dip their bodies, not their engines (won't even go there relative to my other "drag" comment). Steel will dissolve at a fairly predictable but very slow rate. I would not want to try that with cast iron. There...
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    AIR SOFT BB's - Right in the tire to balance tires ???

    I use the commercial product in my Class 8s and trailers (VERY prone to flat spotting from brakes, the hard to keep balanced). No reason to think the plastic BBs wouldn't work in a car. Just be aware they are available in different densities, and expect heavier is better. Can't wait to hear...
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    1.2 TDI for Aircraft

    300 lb. with all accessories would be about right, but then you need a PSRU so add another bunch of weight thus why I mentioned 300 at best. The best way I can frame it is that if the F1 engineering guys who used first a custom 1.7 aluminum block and then a production 2.0 cast iron block...
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    Thermal Barrier Coatings

    I was just in the process of scraping up the parts to build a Type 4 engine (my first air cooled build in over 30 years!!!!!) and the heads (LN Engineering) come with a baked on thermal coating. I went to their coating applicator (Calico) and they assured me of their performance, but could not...
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    U.S. Comeback?

    Not them, but you DID put your finger on the important point: it's all about the chemistry of the combustion process (not so much the fuel per se). Thanks for the link, though, really interesting.
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    U.S. Comeback?

    To drag this poor thread ever further off topic: you hit one of my pet peeves right smack on the head. NOTHING pees me off more than driving down a Yankee interstate at half load (because that's all that is allowed) and pass truck after truck after truck running empty and worse yet, seeing the...
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    U.S. Comeback?

    Well, this thread took a sharp turn into the golf cart world! I certainly hope that the diesels we are seeing in light trucks will move public opinion back into the ICE/CI line, and there are a couple of reasons it may well happen. Obviously, the big one is range, but what is going on in the...
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    Tell Us About Your Very 1st Diesel

    My first diesel wasn't actually my car, as I was GM of the dealership. It arrived I think late summer '77 as a '78 model and thrilled me to pieces. I sold a fair number of them but will never forget the arrival of the first. We were in a Northern mining town, and there was not a single M-B...
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    1.2 TDI for Aircraft

    Forgot to mention: since the current1.2 is a common rail engine, you will also need an ECU that will need to be reprogrammed radically to work at all. There ARE stand alone ECU options for CR engines, but they tend to be pretty expensive. What MIGHT be a far better option is not the current...
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    1.2 TDI for Aircraft

    And what I tried to explain is that there are more general aviation engines manufactured today in both spark ignition and compression ignition format that are water cooled than air cooled - it isn't difficult or unusual. Atmospheric pressure not a concern - the most efficient engines EVER...
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    1.2 TDI for Aircraft

    To begin with, the largest volume aircraft engine manufacturer is Rotax, and all 4 cycle and the only current 2 cycle aircraft engines from Rotax are water cooled. The most common certified diesel aircraft engines are Thielert (now Continental) and Austro - and both are auto conversions of M-B...
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    Natural Gas or Propane Dual-Fuel w/Diesel?

    With ignition temperatures under 600C I would think in a highly boosted and loaded diesel detonation would become a limit, not so? I have recently seen some interesting technology for handling liquid hydrogen as a motor fuel, but wonder about once more detonation of an aspirated charge and of...
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    Smallest i6 diesel engine post 2000

    I thought the industrial Landcruisers that Toyota sells for mining markets in North America were a small inline 6 (134 BHP) but when I looked it up, they are 4.0 litre. The last relatively small inline 6 diesel in a US pickup goes all of the way back to IIRC 4.0 litre 6DR5 Mistubishi sold in...
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    Anyone other GM 6.5L turbodiesel owners?

    My DD and farm chore truck for last many years was a '97 K15 6.5. Didn't matter what I did, I could not get it over 18 US mpg and when towing much of anything, it guzzled at a staggering rate. Over the last year, it started losing power and economy, so had to park it at 360,000 kms (223k mi)...
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    The Light truck market

    If I were to want to waste a LOT of money (i.e. buy a new pickup to replace my '97 6.5TD K1500) I would definitely prefer to roll the dice on a D-Max inline. But, since I am such a cheap base turd, I needed to have a DD/farm chore truck that didn't have ANY risk of failure of any likely kind...
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    Who’s going to Tesla after their current TDI?

    I can't even begin to imagine the end of ICE engines, as they are used in so many forms of transportation - forms that will not likely ever be battery powered. I can see gasoline going by the wayside, but not diesel. If I was a commuter (and THAT is an environmental disaster by its very...