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    06 cam now with good pics

    Now with good pics. These are on cylinders 3 & 4. Rest of the lobes are smooth. I know it is hard to tell but what are your thoughts on longevity? Severity of what you see? 95K miles of Total 5w30. Just changed to Mobil 1 TDT 5w40 today and will add some ZDDP today. Thanks for your time, cody
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    Your thoughts on Mobil TDT or Lube LT High Tech

    Try to make this quick. Bought an 00 Jetta new, put 200K on it, used 5w40, sold in 06 and bought a new Jetta. Changed oil every 10K with Total 5w30. Only reason used this was distributor said Total was great and the 5w30 is a 505.01. Car now has 95K with some scorring on 2 lobes. I know it...
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    Battery light on, car dies, then is fine????

    Just like the title says. 06 Jetta 95K original owners. Zero mods and problems. About 15 miles from home my wife said the battery light came on and the car died. She pulled over, started the car up, no light, no problems, runs fine all the way home. Has anyone ever heard of this? Any...
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    06 PD cam pics/thoughts

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    New suspension advice

    06 Jetta 94K. We live on a gravel road and need new shocks/struts. Just looking for a comfortable ride. Any advice on brand and where to purchase? Thanks, cody
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    Suspension recommendation for 06

    06 Jetta with 94K. We live on a gravel road and MO has some of the worst roads in the US. Any suggestions on a good shock/strut and where to get them? Looking for a comfortable ride. Thanks, cody
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    Best metal belly pan?

    I am in the market for one of the metal belly pan. I was wondering which metal belly pan you prefer/if you like yours? Thanks
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    Fuel filter for sale

    Fuel filter for sale new price check the for sale section $20 shipping included
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    A5 fuel filter FS

    A5 fuel filter FS new price Ordered the wrong fuel filter months ago and didn't find out until time to change. This is the one that has a hole going completely through it. Mann filter PU 936/2x. $20 shipping included.
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    Turbo "kicking in" question

    06 bought new with 45K miles. Previous car was an 00 we bought new and put 200K on. When driving this car you could hear the turbo "kickin" around 2000 rpm but not a lot of noticeable power. I try and shift around 3000 rpm to have the motor at 2000 when the next gear is engaged. Of course...
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    Anyone use Diesel Purge?

    We had an A4 we put 200K miles on. At every fuel fliter change I would run a can of Lub Moly Diesel Purge. I could tell a difference in the idle, smoother running, and liked the idea of cleaning out the injectors. As far as I know it isn't possible with this set up. I thought of puttting a...
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    Place to find grill part?

    We live in the country and mister tom cat decided to call it quits. Now usually a cat probably wouldn't do any damage but this rascal did. The pass. side little grill piece(in back is the tow hook location) popped out. I went back and could not find it. Any place other than the dealer to get...
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    Diesel purge the A5?

    We put 192K on our 00 Jetta. At every fuel filter change I would run a can of Diesel Purge through it. After I could tell a difference in runnning smoothness and "pep". I haven't heard anyone mention the product. I know enough about these cars to be dangerous. Would the difference between a...
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    06 Jetta IPOD help

    06 Jetta, 6 disc CD changer, satelite radio(have subscription and we use it), Pkg 1, came with the guitar so we have the white box plug in located in glove box. The car is driven by my wife. She has an IPOD Shuffle and would like to listen to it in the VW. We have waded through the IPOD...
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    15K mile service?

    06 Jetta, 5 spd, 07 owners manual. The Jettas mechanic wrench/clock came on showing that at 15K miles some sort of service needed to be done. Checking the maintenance schedule I printed off here I can't see what needs to be done at 15K miles. Anyone know? Thanks a lot, cody
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    Wanted 06 Jetta tail light

    Wife backed into the mailbox. Luckily the only thing broke was the drivers side outer tail light. Anyone switch to a euro style and have theirs around? Thanks, cody
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    WTB tail light for 06 Jetta

    My wife busted out the drivers side tail light. Anyone have one that would fit an 06? Thanks
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    Where to get tail light?

    06 Jetta. My wife decided to not scrape all the snow, etc off of the car this AM. She backed down the driveway into the mailbox. The amazing thing is that the only thing damaged was the drivers side tail light. Not even the inner part just the outer. Nothing else was damaged. Other than a...
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    Most miles on A5 5spd?

    We had an 00 Jetta we put 192K on with virtually zero problems. With some talk of clutch/trans probs I am slightly concerned. Our 06 has 7K. How many miles does your 5spd have and have you had any probs? Just wanting to get a feel for everyone out there.
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    Oil capacity, etc. quick questions

    06 Jetta with 07 owners manual. What is the oil capacity for this motor. Is this a 2 L or a 1.9L? The first oil change is at 5K miles. Is the next at 15K miles odometer or for a 10K mile oil change or at 10 K miles odo for another 5K mile oil change? Thanks a lot.