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  1. mickyTDI

    CR240 pressure too high code

    Hi all, i have an intermittent fault that seems to be getting more regular now. It's a CR 240 ( CUAA) with 88k on it. When i'm driving slowly just cruising and part throttle i get limp mode and the EPC light. VCDS says fuel rail pressure too high. It never does it when the car is driven lively...
  2. mickyTDI

    Something to worry about?

    I have the 2.0 TDI biTurbo CUAA engine. However i have noticed the last couple of weeks the average oil temperature has gone higher. Normal driving it usually peaks around 97/98 degrees C. It now hovers around 107/108 degrees C. I usually only see it that high when it's driven quite fast and...
  3. mickyTDI

    CUAA engine exhaust pressure valve fault code

    Did a scan on the car today and i got an exhaust pressure valve intermittent fault code. Is this something that needs to be sorted, problem down the road? ( excuse the pun) However the car is showing no symptoms of the fault, no engine light etc and full power seems to be there. i wouldn't...
  4. mickyTDI

    My B8 Passat 240ps remap results

    I recently sold my CR170 stage 2 ( dpf delete) Passat for a new 240psBiTDi Passat 4motion. As a performance comparison the BiTDi is noticably quicker than my old CR170 stage 2..( that surprised me a little) I decided to get it remapped. I first got it dynoed and the result at the crank was...
  5. mickyTDI

    2.0 TDI BiTurbo 240 ps engine technical details

    I came across this pdf that might interest some on here. It details the uprated differences between this engine and the lesser power engines. It uses a twin- plunger HPFP :D Hoping to own this car around January, anyone know remap figures for this unit...
  6. mickyTDI

    Euro B8 Passat 2.0 TDI 150 and 190 engines

    Thinking of ordering a 190 p.s Passat at the end of the year. My question to the experts is are the 2.0 TDI 150 and 190 engines much different? Internals , turbo etc? I know the 190 uses adblue. Also what realisticly will a 190 remap to? :o
  7. mickyTDI

    Problems ahead??

    Thought i'd post this here since the car is tuned with a DPF delete and tune. Car produces a healthy 200bhp (CR 170 turbo). Car runs great. However this morning on the warm up phase it was kicking out blasts of black smoke under normal acceleration. When the accelerator was gently pressed and...
  8. mickyTDI

    Strange pulsating noise

    Seems to be intermittent and can only hear it inside the car. Car is exactly 2 years old today and nearly 60k on it. Apart from that runs well and no codes, any ideas? Video of sound below...
  9. mickyTDI

    9W7 7P6 035 730 J Bluetooth

    My 2013 Passat came fitted with this as standard. The voice control never worked. Anytime i pressed the microphone button all it would do is mute the radio.. I have retro fitted a RNS 510 and via Vagcom i have actiavted the press to talk button and it now does activate the voice control on the...
  10. mickyTDI

    VCDS battery condition

    Anyone know what some of this means? Battery aging (power) and battery aging( charge) etc.. A little concerned as my 68ah battery is reading 34ah , wonder if this is accurate..
  11. mickyTDI

    Strange noise

    This evening i got out of my car while the engine was idling and could I hear a noticable harmonic whining and whistle type noise. It was coming from the back at the tank. In addition at around the same area a kind of gurgley hiss noise, like gas going through a fridge kinda sound :confused...
  12. mickyTDI

    For those who might be interested ( especially in Europe)

    Bought a new Passat this year CR 140 CFFB engine number. The turbo part number is 03L 256 056 T. made by KKK I managed to get hold of a CR 170 turbo CFGB engine number slightly used off Ebay. The part number is 03L 253 010 F made by Garrett. Note the Euro 140 and 170 engine are one of the...
  13. mickyTDI

    Question for the Euro members

    Does anyone know for sure if the Euro CR 170 turbo bolts up to the Euro 140 CR without much modification with the same car? IE Golf to Golf, Passat to Passat etc?
  14. mickyTDI

    My new Passat 2.0 TDI 140 cr

    So i picked it up last Wednesday and done 300 miles and i have to say i really like this car, it really is a good car. I ordered a Comfortline in Island Grey pearl which in the flesh is a nice colour. It's a 2.0 TDI 140 CR ( not for long ) Factory options i specced were xenons with the LED...
  15. mickyTDI

    Euro 2.0 TDI CR 140 vs 170

    Does anyone know if these engines are identicle internally? I suspect a smaller turbo but is the engine the same?:)
  16. mickyTDI

    Xenon problem?

    A friend has the new model Jetta (2006) and when he turns on his OEM xenons they don't do the up and down thing. Are they supposed to do this? Or maybe the Jetta isn't supposed to do it? I thought all cars with xenons do a calibration thing when first switched on? I hooked up vagcom and no...
  17. mickyTDI

    Airbag fault code

    Using vagcom i got a fault code saying " supply voltage B+, low signal intermittent" What does that mean? It never triggered the light though.
  18. mickyTDI

    OEM xenon probs

    I have these fitted approx 4 years now but if you switch them on without the engine running i might be lucky for them to light. They will only start when the engine is running after the alternator kicks in. At first it was the right hand one that started this( furthest from battery) and now both...
  19. mickyTDI

    Starter trouble ahead?

    I have noticed a few times in the mornings at the first start of the day especially when temperatures are low that when i turn the key there is a short delay before the starter kicks in. Is something sticking in the starter?
  20. mickyTDI

    ECU monitors alternator load

    Going through the measuring blocks on vagcom today i noticed a block that measures alternator load. Anyone know why the ECU needs to monitor this? :confused: