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  1. fouckhest

    Hey man, I came across your TDI swap thread, you touch on the HVAC part. I actually swapped a...

    Hey man, I came across your TDI swap thread, you touch on the HVAC part. I actually swapped a TT225 into an R32 shell and my AC doesnt work, I keep getting a code for: A/C Pressure Switch (F129). Curious if you still have that excell sheet that you might be able to share? If you do, could you...
  2. fouckhest

    BEW Girdle & High Flow Oil Pump Setup

    Also have my balanced crank: BEW balanced crankshaft - $250 Email me for questions, photos, etc: fouckhest at gmail dot com everything is currently wrapped up and in ziplock bags
  3. fouckhest

    v8coupe - Sean Cole

    I know everyone around here knows Sean, so I wanted to let everyone know he was involved in a very serious car wreak and is in the hospital (critical condition as of last night). I know this is the proper forum but I feel this is where he spent most of his time. Please keep him in you...
  4. fouckhest

    FS: Malone Tuning FlashZilla

  5. fouckhest

    FS: Fluidamper

  6. fouckhest

    FS: Mk4 Euro FIS Cluster

  7. fouckhest

    FS: F-Town Street Machines AWD/Haldex Controller

    Brand new; never powered up $900 - OBO
  8. fouckhest

    FS: E-level / i-level

    I have an E-Level / I-Level setup is SOLD I also have 2x 3gal aluminum 3 port tanks - $35ea Viair 444 - $150 MK4 VW Air-Lift Slam XL - Struts - $700 + shipping Willing to make a package deal; located in Greenville SC Please email me: fouckhest at gmail
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    WTB: TDI Cooling Hose Flange - BEW

    found one!
  10. fouckhest

    Southern Worthersee - SoWo - TDi's?

    So, who all is going? Only a few weeks away!!!
  11. fouckhest

    Oil Pump Failure?

    Question for some of you guys that have been around the block.... I took the car up to OCMD this weekend to H2Oi ran GREAT thursday night, all day friday (drove ~60mile to pick up my fiance at the airport) home, went and cruized the strip all day friday...was out friday night...
  12. fouckhest

    Just another compound build....

    Not to copy Gus too much....but, after more emails than I can even remember, and a few phone calls later, this is where I landed... I have an mk4 GTi that has been my project car for several was a bit of a whore in the gasser was featured in S3 magazine back in...
  13. fouckhest

    Huge Kudos/Thanks to Matt Whitbread

    Just wanted to throw out a HUGE thank you to Matt! He really helped me out of a jam that I was in trying to get my new motor assembled so i can get it back in the car in hope of getting it down to Southern Worthersee for the first big show of the year! Matt i appreciate all the help...
  14. fouckhest

    WTB: PD chassis harness

    I am in need of a chassis harness that would be compatible with a PD tdi let me know! thanks! feel free to email me at fouckhest at gmail dot com :cool:
  15. fouckhest

    Raceware vs. ARP

    I am currently in my "parts gathering phase" for my engine build "BEW".... currently the menu is serving: 2 turbos for compound setup, flanges for manifold BHW 2.0L piston Rosten Rods PD150 intake mani colt cam and a bunch of other little piece parts.... currently i am looking to get the...
  16. fouckhest

    Feeler: PD 100 Injectors

    As title states, just a feeler....going to be upgrading as soon as i get the swap into my project car... currently engine is in the car, just need to tie up a few loose ends, make it run, then it will be going to get a custom tubular exhaust manifold made for the new turbos, then the injectors...
  17. fouckhest

    Intercooler/Turbo pipe BEW

    Hello, I need the pipe that connects to the Turbo that would then feed to the intercooler....i am looking for a part number or if anyone has one laying around in a pile of unused parts.... I am doing a TDI swap right now, and just need that pipe so i can plumb thing together direct to the...