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    VMR710 19x9.5 500$ Central Fl

    Square set up. 45 offset I believe. Gunmetal. Nice concave look. I have hub centric rings to bring wheel bore down from 66.6 to 57.1. ALL rims have curb rash and some imperfections. I can text whatever pix you want to show you the shape they are in. When on the car they look good and you cant...
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    WTK: Any Interest in 2012 Passat TDI Manual KW and Rims

    2012 Passat TDI with a 6 speed manual. tungsten silver with KW coils and 19x9.5 VMR 710 gunmetal square set up with 5MM spacers up front. Minor blemishes on lower corner of front bumper and couple scratches from previous owner behind rear wheel. rims have curb rash on all. Other than that pretty...
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    Release/Throwout bearing

    Have this sound all sudden but it does go away when I press in clutch pedal. Research tells me the bearing or maybe pressure plate. Is it safe to drive like this ? Also how much labor is involved for this fix? I am Assuming the tranny needs dropped. Hoping can put it all ok VW card. Anyone...
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    Fuel filter change

    Do I need to prime/bleed through vcds or can I simply just start the car after switching the filter out?? I don't have vcds available and want to do it in driveway.
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    Total Engine Oil??

    Due for my 60k and the dealer over the phone told me they had this oil in stock: I thought Castrol LSX Gold was the OEM oil? Anyone ever use or heard of this??
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    A3 P8 Camber Plates Compatible??Technical gurus chime in Will these work on our cars? I have done a lot of research lately on applicable camber kits for our cars and for the front it seems only plates...
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    Camber kits or plates ... Who Makes Them

    Looking to straighten out my camber... I'm maxed out on the eccentric bolt and still at -1.8 and -1.9 on the rears. I'm not even slammed I have kW coills and on 19x9.5 and still have two finger gap. I see ECS has two arms for the rear but they are 415$ or so. I have tried 034 motorsports and h&r...
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    Rear camber adjustment

    do we have a bolt with an eccentric washer in the rear to adjust camber? If so where is it??
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    CR190 GTD Turbo Kit for NMS Passat

    I have been in touch with ARodriguez as he is installing the CR190 GTD kit on their car as we speak. He mentioned to me that two of these kits were already running on cars but he didnt know who. Does anyone on here know who it is?? I would love some feedback on how its performing.
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    GTC1549VZ Comparables

    I see these are sometimes referred to as CR177 turbos. Is this similar to a CR170 just a later version?? What would be some ballpark figures on power numbers?? are we talking stage 3 CR170 hp/tq #'s if put on a NMS passat?
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    DRL replacement LED... Where can I find them??

    Hey guys where can i find replacement LED bulbs for my DRL's?? I know these cars are very finicky and i don't want any errors on the dash... a plug and play is what I am looking for.
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    Torque App and clearing CEL's

    Can torque clear CEL's? Does it just do some and not all or none at all?? I have a p202b code for my '12 Passat tdi and I can't get it to clear. Maybe it's not one the is meant to be cleared ?
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    P202b diagnostic code

    got this p202b code today. It's saying the heater for the DEF tank is bad? Anyone have this issue. My main question I have is can I still drive it around like this and for how long if so?
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    Anyone have one yet? I know I know I know about the whole ordeal with APR and the fried ECU's. I am trying to figure out if it was the tune or the actual process of taking out/mishandling the ECU while flashing that caused these to fry. I guess what I am getting at is, with the ability to tune...
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    Twin Turbo TDI

    When is the new twin turbo 2.0 TDI coming to the US??
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    OBD2 Bluetooth (IPHONE) WHat App???

    Hey guys who here is using one of these if so what App works best for the IPHONE?? I was doing research and see that the Torque Pro is only compatible with android devices. I want to mainly be able to read temps from coolant to EGT's to DPF temps and also boost levels. Also can you say which...
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    Nms passat dieseldubs downpipe and resonator 2.5"

    Dieseldubs downpipe set up 2.5 inches with resonator and egr block off plate. It is basically brand new. Not even 200 miles on it. Selling due to not being able to clear an adblue light.. It's a long story but in short there is absolutely nothing Wrong with it at all. I can provide pix if u...
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    Immobilize tune on '12 Passat TDI ECU... CAR WON'T START

    Long story short I had an immobilize (hope I worded that correct) done on my ECU (the ability to have it installed in another car). After reinstalling it in both of the cars they will only crank but not start. Can anyone help with this?? Can i just restore the ECU and have that wiped out and...
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    Need help!! Anyone running dpf delete with stage 2 malone

    Guys I did my swap with a dieseldubs set up. downpipe midpipe into stock muffler. I received some CEL's which then turned into the dreaded Adblue warning telling me no start in 200 miles ( now at 45). Well I have been back and forth with Les trying to clear the adblue light and just cant seem to...
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    Check Engine light after downpipe midpipe install

    Hey guys got a injector valve stuck closed or something like that code that wasn't from a vagcom... I forget what he had but didn't have time to get me on a vagcom for a reading. I picked the car up after the downpipe and midpipe were installed and everything was fine. Took it to lunch and no...