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    Kerma Tdi Review

    So iv had a kerma tdi tune for about a month now, put on 4,500 miles and figured it was time to tell people about it. Install was super easy, Install the software on your computer, Plug it in the obd2 port, copy the factory file, email your stock file, wait for a email back, plug it in your car...
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    MK7 Ares Skid Plate Kit REVIEW

    So during TDI fest I ended up talking to Aaron from Bora Parts, Inc and he had a Ares Skid Plate Kit with him. I ended up buying it and installing it the following day. Mk7's all have plastic oil pans and this is a great way to protect them. Quality is great and everything fit like it should...
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    tdi fest question?

    I have a quick question, If I only want to show up for the Sunday car show do I need to register for this event? Or can I just show up see everything and leave?
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    mk7 GTI catback+ rear diffuser free99, located warrenville

    So Im giving away a MK7 gti cutback and rear diffuser. I saw a thread on how someone put one on a normal hatch tdi, Got the exhaust of a friend without looking at it in great detail and it will not work on my sportwagen. local pick up from warrenville need gone asap!
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    Road tripping GSW

    Hello TDI Club! This will be my build thread/ travel log/ intro thread Little history I have had all kinds of cars but nothing has really stuck. Had a 05 sentra, 10 ralliart, 04 mazdaspeed miata, 95 celiac with a 20V blacktop, 90 civic hatch, 91 crx, another 91 crx, 90 240sx, 85 camaro, 02...