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    Mk6 Golf oil consumption

    Hi guys, I have a deleted mk6 golf and I need some help here. It seems like I'm going through oil rather quickly based off of my dipstick, Around 530 miles ago which is when I did my oil change I topped off the oil to full and now its sitting just above the minimum on the hash marks. This has...
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    WRS: Mk6 golf used dpf

    WTS: Mk6 golf used dpf I'm going to sell my dpf now that my car is deleted and it came off in perfect working condition at around 80k (May or may not have been original) I'm open for offers whether it be as a replacement DPF or used as a fake for a delete kit. PM me for contact info if you want...
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    Used DPF question

    Anyone know where I can sell my working DPF and how much can I expect from it?
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    2011 Golf TDI exhaust and DPF removal

    I'm soon receiving a turboback exhaust for my car, are there any tips and tricks you guys could give me for removing the DPF? I heard that's the hardest part of removing the exhaust.