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    Prechamber for a 1.6 na

    Anybody know who sells them? I had one basically split in half on me. Hammered the head and piston crown pretty good, and bent the intake valve stem. A nice round disk of the prechamber insert is pounded(welded?) on the the piston head - I haven't tried to remove it yet other than by finger...
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    Injection Pump.

    What series of Bosch injection pumps does the TDI use? I'm thinking that a "limp" mode could be created by disconnecting all the electrical connections from the pump, and then running a hot wire directly from the battery to fuel shut-off solendoid. This will work as long as the fuel metering...
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    TDI Transplant

    My 82 pickup is nearing a rebuild. I'm toying with the idea of dropping a TDI into it. I'm pretty sure that the TDI will bolt to my current tranny, but can the tranny take the torque of the TDI, let a lone a tweaked one. I also know that changing over my shifting mechanism to the current...