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  1. danielhf

    FS: PD150 cylinder head and injectors, ALH injector lines, MKVI R parts, more...

    Update: open to reasonable best offers I am cleaning out some of the remaining TDI pats that I have had in storage, so here are they are (beware, picture hyperlinks are to full resolution images): ARL PD150 stock injectors on bodies Stock PD150 injectors that were removed from the head in this...
  2. danielhf

    FS: 2004 .:R-TDI — 4motion PD150 TDI in R32!!

    SOLD I am selling my 2004 VW R32 to TDI conversion. You can find the details of this conversion here. The time and money put into this vehicle greatly exceed the asking price, but that is how projects like this go. You will likely not see another car like this for sale. Asking for $10,500...
  3. danielhf

    Silver MKIV Jetta in Oakland

    I was on Broadway and MacArthur in Oakland going north on Broadway when a silver Jetta with black textured rub strips and a TDIfest decal (Portland) pulled up. The driver definitely saw me and one of the passengers in the back kept on checking out my car (I ended up behind them for a block)...
  4. danielhf

    WTB: MKIV Golf TDI 2-door

    Putting feelers out looking for a MKIV (1999-2005) Golf 2-door (I believe these were all GL models). I would prefer an ALH (1999-2003) but will entertain 2004-2005 models. I am looking to put extensive work into it, so high milage is not an issue. I would prefer a 5-speed manual, but I would...
  5. danielhf

    Dynoed my R32 TDI Swap Today

    Drove to Las Vegas, NV today and met up with vwmikel for some time on a local AWD Mustang dyno. The dyne operator told us that the last R32 that came in for a dyne put down 160HP until he disconnected the drive shaft, which brought the car up into the 200s (car was stock). Hearing this, I was...
  6. danielhf

    SF Bay Area Help Needed

    I was wondering if anyone wanted to go for a ride and help take some VCDS logs with me. I am new to the area and don't know where a good spot would be to do WOT runs in 3rd gear. A VCDS operator would also be very nice. I live in Oakland, close to Lake Merritt.
  7. danielhf

    R32 to TDI conversion boost issue

    I just posted my build thread and I've had a pretty serious issue. I posted the issue in the conversion section, but I figured that I'd post it here as well: Ideas?
  8. danielhf

    .:R32 to .:R-TDI Build Thread

    CAUTION: This thread is loaded with pictures. Dialup internet beware! Before I get into the meat of this post, I would like to give thanks to those who have helped make this whole thing happen. This swap would not have been at all possible without the help from these fine people: Matt...
  9. danielhf

    Odd drivetrain issue

    ;) More to come...
  10. danielhf

    FS: GT2260V Kit for 1.9L VE and PD TDIs

    SOLD I am selling my complete original GT2260V turbo kit. It will fit any 1.9L MKIV TDI motors (ALH, BEW, ASV, ASZ, ARL, etc.) This was removed from a running vehicle and worked flawlessly. I had no issues with this kit in 40,000 miles. The GT2260V kit comes with: - BMW GT2260V turbo with...
  11. danielhf

    FS: Used ID Parts 17/22 Turbo

    Hello all, Back when I had an ALH on my car and I was having some issues with my VNT17 turbo, I called up Peter at TDI Parts (now ID Parts) looking for a deal on a 17/22 turbo. I asked if there were any weird returns sitting around, and it turned out that there definitely was one. This 17/22...
  12. danielhf

    FS: PD150 (ARL) Cylinder Head

    I have a PD150 head for sale from back when I imported a bunch of parts to complete my ALH to ARL swap. It has 80,000KM on it with no bent valves (not tested, just confirmed by parts supplier). If anyone in North America has a PD and intends to port their head, this would likely be a bit better...
  13. danielhf

    Found my boost leak...

    So I have been experiencing horrible boost-related issues for the better part of the last 7 months. It originally started with my tune from Jeff. My RC5 was a 30psi-ish tune, but I was never able to make it hit 30psi. Months later, I was trying my first tune from vwmikel. It was set to be a...
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  16. holy crap!

    holy crap!

  17. intake with huge hole

    intake with huge hole

  18. intake w/tools

    intake w/tools

  19. custom tools to remove intake2

    custom tools to remove intake2

  20. complete intake repair

    complete intake repair