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    Struts and shocks 05 Passat

    I just installed Sachs struts and shocks on my daughters 05 sedan. 200K, other than shocks and struts at 100K suspension is original. I foolishly used Napa struts and shocks last time. Connecticut roads are brutal but I have to say these are 100% better than the Napa's, they were way to stiff...
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    My daughters link she sent me this morning

    Here is what my daughter sent me this morning
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    New type of brake light switch failure

    My daughter called me last night, she was driving in town and said something was wrong with her car, the ABS etc. warning came on and it felt like it didn't want to go. Turns out the switch got stuck and was holding the brakes on. That's a new one to me. Took the switch out and worked it by hand...
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    re-coding trans

    Does anybody remember the VAG tweek for the 5hp19, I believe it was to enhance the tip mode if I"m not mistaken. I searched a few sites but for the life of me I can't find it. Thanks
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    setting throttle body and trans adaptions

    Just finished up the b/s delete and rebuilt converter on a 04 Passat. It runs really nice but has set an overboost code, seems like I need to set trans and throttle body adapts. If driven without full throttle acceleration it's fine, I wonder without setting those if it will re-learn on it's own...
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    starter gear contacting flywheel

    I am in the middle of installing the engine in the 04 Passat. I realized once I bolted up the starter that turning the engine by hand by use of the crank bolt that the starter gear and teeth on flywheel are grinding. When I was installing the flywheel on the engine there was a spacer, I assumed...
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    7 volt steel glow plug's available?

    Has anybody sourced steel 7 volt glow plugs for these PD engines. Most of which I find is either 7 volt ceramic or 5 volt steel and wanted to avoid the whole dealer re-flash for 5 volt is at all possible. BTW, I did search the posts here and didn't find any posts say after 2011 so maybe somebody...
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    parts interchange between bhw, bew and brm

    I have the original engine from my 05 Passat, BHW I'm in the process of repairing for another 04 Passat and my question is when the b/s guide broke, it poked a hole in the lower front crank cover and I"m in need of a tandem pump as well. The guy I"m repairing the engine for has a 1.9 PD with a...
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    Malone tune and DPF delete

    I was thinking of a Buzzken dpf delete downpipe and a malone tune. Does anybody know if the eco tune is the only one with dpf delete and if it's also included in the 1, 1.5 or stage 2 tune and if it's extra $ added on to the tune. I see plenty of threads about the tune but not a lot about the...
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    DPF delete and tune, no more 507.00 oil needed?

    DPF delete and tune, oil requirement? I would much rather use several different oils than what's offered out there in 507.00 rated oil. I would imagine if you have no DPF etc and a tune you could run any high quality oil you want such as Amsoil etc
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    New 2014 SEL for wife

    I just took delivery tonight on a 2014 Passat SEL, it's gonna be the wife's for 3yrs then mine. She only puts about 15K per year, I do about 45K a year and in 3 yrs my 11 Golf will have about 250K. I looked quickly though the VAG tweeks, I"m assuming you can still get rid of seat belt warning...
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    Where to order front engine cover

    I'm doing a b/s delete and need a front cover since the chain went through the front cover. Any sources? I"ve done a little searching or is this a dealer only item?
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    Removing engine

    Wow, what a pita pulling an engine on one of these, would have been better off dropping it all out as a unit, trans and engine. Anybody have any leads on where to get valves for these heads, I have potentially several bent valves and am looking for oe quality. I know a re-built or new head is...
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    factory mudflaps for Passat

    I have a new set of factory mudflaps I bought for my father-in-laws 05 Passat wagon that I never installed and he sold the car. Give me an offer through a PM and they're yours
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    K&N type air filters, BEWARE

    I'm a self employed adjuster for many major manufacturer and aftermarket warranty companies and I've had 2 instances in the last couple of months of K&N style air filters causing what has been termed "dust out" Apparently these filters come apart and the evidence is the inlet side of the turbo...
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    Clutch on 11 Golf

    So far I'm pretty happey with the entire package with the exception of the clutch. I"m getting the feeling the clutch isn't going to last but maybe 100K before the springs in the pressure plate are so weak that it'll be chattering. Before everyone starts asking, I've been rowing gears all my...
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    First impression 11 golf

    Just took delivery last week on a 11 Golf, 2dr. 6spd man, nav, dynaudio, zenons roof, cold weather package. First, I agree with some people about the blind spots. I have my mirrors adjusted so I barely catch the side of the car and the visability is much worse than my 05 Passat. The mirror is...
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    Feedback on 2011 golf bluetooth and Nav/radio

    I"ve read all the posts on troubles with 10 models but what feedback is out there on the 2011 Golf. I should be taking delivery on a 11 Golf with upgraded sound, navi etc. I'm planning on using my verizon samsung phone, not a smart phone. I plan on using the hands free, recording a satelite show...
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    advice on new purchase

    I"m trying to decide between 11 golf or 11 Jetta. Golf still made in Germany, Jetta Mexico. Jetta re-design this year. What else besides the interier did they cheapen on the Jetta. Suspension same etc? Drove both, no real differance imo. Opting for a manual 6spd.
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    advice on deciding between a 11 jetta or 11 golf

    Trying to make a quick decision between a 11 jetta or 11 golf. Golf still made in Germany, Jetta in Mexico. I know they did a overhaul on the 11 jetta. What other than the dash/int did the cheapen on the TDI. Is the suspension the same etc? Don't have a lot of time for research.