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    Bearings times 3

    2000 Jetta TDI and I'm heading for my 3rd bearing replacement at 102K. What the frig is happenin' here?? Any suggestions. Never had an alignment done. 1st set at 42K (left front). 96K (left front) and now 102K (will find out Saturday)
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    Mobil1 Oil Changes $27.00 @ Wal-Mart !!

    I searched to see if this was posted before but if it has forgive me. I have had my last two oil changes done on my 03 Jetta at Wal-Mart of all places, Mobil1 Oil Changes are $27.00 for the Basic ($3 more if you want them to vaccum). It is not worthwhile to do it myself for that price, Mobil1...
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    can this body damage be pulled out?

    A couple winters ago I must have run over a big pile of snow/ice (at the corner of Brimley Rd and Progress Ave in Scarborough) making a right hand turn and dented the rocker panel. Here's my good side: Here are the pictures of the bad side: Can this be pulled out even most of...
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    using CA for thread lock

    Hey, I was out of loctite, and I needed a thread lock for a nut/screw that goes into the platic intake L. What I found was what contractors use, no mention of what it is but looks more like a stronger cyanoacrylate than regular Krazy Gloo. It's screwed on there tight as well. I now have blue...
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    GTA TDI 'ers i need help

    Re: GTA TDI \'ers i need help I did that. There's no duty since the parts were made in the US. Since I used UPS there was about $40 in brokerage, and $50 in offerings to the feudal lords, on my ~$300 package. People have suggested using USPS instead to eliminate brokerage, at least.
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    Rave Wheels

    These were on mega-sale not long ago. Could anyone point me to a set, new or used? I'm in Toronto.
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    Shopping at the Fest

    Specifically car thing shopping. More specifically cross-border shopping for Canadians. If I order a boost gauge and cup from, it can arrive next day. I have to do that before I leave for an interview at 9:00AM. Cost of gauge is $40USD and cup is $14, free shipping, gives me C$85. I...
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    Neuspeed Soft Sport Springs

    If they ship UPS, you'll get hit with $100 tax and brokerage on a $300US purchase. I met someone who does this stuff, it's, and a local reputable shop is
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    Sea to Sky Trip

    Isn't that a great highway? Shame the limit is so low. But that way you can see the sounds on your LHS.
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    Repairing the Brake Light Switch (BLS) on your A4 Golf/Jetta/Beetle

    I've written up instructions how to repair the failed brake light switch from the A4 VWs. It's available as either HTML or MS Word. It's Geocities, so if it doesn't work, try again in a couple hours. As HTML document As MS Word document (use right-click and select Save Target As) [...
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    Removing Jetta IV seatback

    Oh, not to worry. I got the Bentley CD working, and it was clear as a baby's bottom. [ July 31, 2002, 16:47: Message edited by: je ]
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    Toronto Attendees at Fest?

    Any GTA residents or passers-through going to the Fest? Maybe we can convoy, perhaps with The Leader among us.
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    Cleaning a biodiesel spill

    So, let's say there's a small spill of bio in your trunk. One must get the trim out, and clean it how? How should the trunk lower pad thing be cleaned, now that it's been hosed out?
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    Removing EGR - effects?

    What effects do I get from unplugging the EGR? (not CEL, I don't get that) 1) More diesel oil smell sitting at idle. Very noticeable. 2) Part-pedal response is really, really good. Not so even with Stealth EGR mod. 3) Turbo super-audiable at all times (incl. idle) 4) Econ. is the same or a...
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    Van Impromptu gtg Sat. June 8?

    I'm planning to be in BBC next Friday and Saturday. Would anyone be up for a quick GTG next Friday or Saturday? Ive got early Friday evening available, or Saturday morning/afternoon. I can swap stories about driving from Toronto with the TDI. Also see My other thread. If downtown is...
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    WTB, 3/8 aluminum suspension spacers

    I posted this months ago on Vortex with fewer results than this one. No tdis came with the spacers but I only paid $7.20 each, Canadian at the dealership. They had to be ordered from the US. If you're chummy with a shop that sells a lot of suspensions to VWs maybe they will have some if they...
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    Is anyone going to that? June 2 in Red Deer. How is this show? Worth the drive? My choices are go to this, or go to an even on May 28 here in TO (but then I wouldn't have time to get to Red Deer).
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    Mod Poll

    This sucks! I thought I was replying to the May GTG thread! Erase it! Now! Please visit my thread titled "Canda Trip" (spelling mistake intentional). [ May 10, 2002, 13:31: Message edited by: je ]
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    2000 free services

    Hey I thought I was out of free services for my 2000 at 32,000km. I called for my free brake fluid change and they tell me I have another! Is this true? It would be the 30,000 mile/48,000km mark. I kind of remember Jet Tabinga at Cedarbrae telling me the last one was 'my last free service'. I...
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    No EGR - smoke?

    Those with a chip - do you get a smoke trail gunning it in first from a stop? With the Epsilon thingy, is there less smoke? If you've just got the EGR unplugged (for testing), do you get a BIG SMOKESCREEN behind? I know it's getting more air, but not at WOT!