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    Bad Serpentine Belt - What caused this?

    I noticed this on the smooth side of my serpentine belt. I checked for any obstructions that would cause this groove but I couldn't find anything. I replaced the belt and and ran the engine for 5 minutes and then went on a 30 minute test drive. The new belt looked fine. Is this...
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    Hwy 80 (California) sightings

    Last Saturday morning, I was westbound on hwy 80 near Donner Summit when I was passed by a Jetta TDI with BIODZL license plates. A little later I spotted a Golf TDI near Rocklin.
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    Smaller Wheels = Back in the 55mpg Club!

    I just completed a 55+ mpg tank. 845.5 miles/15.13 gallons = 55.88 mpg Car: 2000 Golf TDI, 5 speed. Me plus two small passengers, the 10yr old is 65 lb and the little one is 45 lb. I had been running 16" wheels with 205/55/16 tires but I switched to a set of 15" Avus wheels with the stock...
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    Reno GTG

    It is time for another Reno GTG. I think late September or early October would be a good time. Unrelated item: Who wants to split a case of Delvac-1 with me? Interstate Oil sells Delvac by the case, $88.
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    Biodiesel in San Francisco

    I was able to purchase B100 at the Olympian Station at 23rd & 3rd with my regular CFN card. In the past, a special prepaid card from Cytoculture was needed.
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    Another Nevada GTG?

    How about another northern Nevada GTG? I hosted the last one back in July......any volunteers to host the next one? I'm free on Oct 26th or Nov 2nd. Bring your guns, too. -------------------------------------------------- Northern Nevada GTG Date: Saturday, November 2nd Time: 10:00am - ...
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    What is the best ccv mod?

    I have the elephant hose. I've never smelled any fumes. $8 for parts, 2 minutes to install.
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    Arco Stations with ECD-1 Near Hwy 80?

    I'm looking for Arco Stations between Oakland and Truckee that carry ULSD and are also very close to the highway. The one station I found in Sacramento (Walerga Ave) is more than 3 miles from the highway. Is there a more convinient station along the way?
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    TDI's in Nevada Unite!

    TDI\'s in Nevada Unite! There's a GTG planned for the Reno area! Reno GTG thread
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    First Official Reno/Sparks TDI GTG

    It's time for the first Officail Reno/Sparks TDI GTG! Date: Saturday, July 13th Where: My House Time: 11:00 My address: 3080 Fairwood Drive, Reno NV If your on Hwy 80, take the East McCarren exit, exit #19. Go south on McCarren for about 3 miles then make a left on Mira Loma (a 7/11 and...
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    Biodiesel in Las Vegas

    Haycock Petroleum is the distributor in Las Vegas. I'm not sure if an individual can obtain a commerical account from them.
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    Road Trip to Utah

    I'm driving to Utah on May 11th for a timing belt change. Who wants to join me? After the belt change - shooting time!! I'm bringing a few guns and a couple thousand rounds of ammo!!!
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    Timing Belt GTG?

    Attn California, Nevada, and Utah residents!!! Do you have a Vag-com and timing belt changing experience? Please help me change my timing belt. I can pay you with B100.
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    Northern CA & Nevada Biodiesel Report

    I know of three stations between Sparks, NV and San Francisco that carry biodiesel. 1. Western Energetix: Sparks, NV They carry B20 made from recycled fryer oil. A standard CFN card will work. 2. Olympian Oil: Sacramento, CA They have B20...
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    Viva Las Vegas!!!

    Las Vegas GTG:;f=23;t=000143
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    Las Vegas GTG

    It's time for another Las Vegas TDI GTG. Maybe we can meet at Hooters again! I'll be there during the first week of April.
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    relay 109 in a 2002 Jetta

    2002's have the new style relay 109. It is gray with black lettering. The old one is black.
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    Fuel Temperature

    Could someone with a VAGCOM do me a favor and get fuel temperature readings after driving for 20 minutes/30 minutes. It would be nice if you live in a cold climate. I'm curious because I've been using B100 lately. Lately, the morning temps have been in the teens. I wondering how long it...
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    Stock Steel Wheels and Wheel Covers

    For Sale: Stock 15" steel wheels with 3 wheel covers in very good condition. The 4th wheel cover is cracked. The tires are still mounted, but there is very little tread left. $70/best offer I will NOT ship them. You pick them up or I can deliver anywhere between Sparks,NV and Stanford...
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    Free stuff!

    Oil filter for a Honda F2 - Free ! Oil filter for a V6 Toyota Tacoma - Free! K&N air filter for 1988-1991 Honda Civic, 1.5 motor - $10 Diamond quick fit tire chains for 185/60/14 or 195/50/15 tires, used once - $20 Shipping costs - you pay