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    2003 Jetta Wagon

    The car has been sold! The new owners picked it up this afternoon and headed south, where it'll join the other three TDIs in their stable and I'm sure will be well loved. I'm suffering from a bit of separation anxiety at the moment, however... Now that I live two miles from work, I'm looking...
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    2003 MK4 - Falling Windows?

    Recently, the passenger side window fell into the door on my '03. Knowing the history of window regulator issues with MK4 cars, my first call was to VW to see if they would make good on the repair, as my car is now out of warranty. The folks at VW "Customer Care" informed me that since my car...
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    Power Seats and Memory Mirrors

    Last weekend I installed a set of power seats from an '03 GLX in my '03 TDI, as per the great writeup in this thread. I didn't bother with connecting the reverse sense wire, nor the mirror wires, only the power, ground and CAN-Bus connections. The seats work perfectly and I was able to program...
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    PNW July GTG

    OK fellow TDIers, it's GTG time. My place, in Salem, either July 9th or July 16th. I'm OK with either date, we'll go with what works for the majority. If you're interestred, please post with a date preference (if any) and what kind of work you'll be doing (if any). My PELA oil extractor...
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    Oct 16 PDX caravan

    How about 8:00 at the Tesoro Alaska?
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    Lake Stevens PDX Caravan

    Anybody in?
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    Salem GTG - Updated - June 26th

    OK, Here's a new "official" late June Salem GTG thread. Other discussion about this GTG can be found here.
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    F/S OEM Jetta Headlights w/o fogs

    $60 plus shipping for the set, including all bulbs. Headlights are are in perfect condition as they were removed from my '03 Jetta when the car was just a few months old. PM me if you're interested.
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    FS: Injector nozzles and other MKIV OEM stuff

    OEM .184 nozzles from my '03 with 26k on them - $50 OEM headlights with all bulbs - $50 for the pair Grey center console with rear cubby from an early production '03 (no cupholders) - $25 Shipping extra on all items.
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    Tapping the CAN bus

    Wondering where and how those of you who have added upgrades that talk to the CAN bus have made the connection. Since it's twisted pair and is capable of data speeds up to 1 Mb/s, I'm assuming a copule wire taps and some 22 gauge wire isn't the way to go? has the...
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    '03 seat question

    \'03 seat question I have an '03 GLS wagon with grey velour. My front seats do not have the map pockets sewn into the back of them. I've seen '02s with velour that have the map pockets, and I recently had a loaner from the VW dealer that was an '03 gasser GLS with velour that had the map...