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    Radiator pressure test

    Fixed this leak, it was the oring. Got a new one from dealer and new clip. It took all the force I could muster to squeeze that connection together. Oring was seated and lubed. Had to use a screw driver to help push the clip into its slots. My next problem is the poor heat I'm getting after...
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    Radiator pressure test

    Has anyone cobbled up something to pressure test the radiator when its out of the car? B4v tdi. I have a phantom leak that I just found at the lower hose connection. I would like to figure out if its the radiator or if its the dog **** adapter setup. I have the radiator out of the car with...
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    97 passat tdi complete coolant hose replacement sorce

    that's hilarious, I came looking for that part number for the stupid adapter lol. Trying to save my car from the weeds.....but the car is putting up a good fight. BUT: where did you order the flange from???? Says NLA everywhere so far
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    B4 leaking heater core

    B4 leaking heater core, any other tasks?? Ok, so I’ve finally got the heater core side of the hvac out. Pulled the core. It had a little leak, not as much as I thought with how stinky and foggy it was making the windscreen. Really hope that is/was my problem. I assume it was. BUT! I’m in...
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    b4v heater core, possibly leaking......

    1996 Passat tdi wagon Just fixed a couple tiny hose leaks under the hood yesterday. Used a tool to pressurize the cooling system to find them. I ran it to 13 or 14 psi only. Haven't driven the car in about a month. Was really happy to start driving the thing again but now it smells like the...
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    AC not accepting freon

    So the ac doesn’t work for more than half a minute in my ‘96 b4v. The compressor kicks on and stays on. I can feel the air changing temps from the vents. Before the air really gets cold it warms back up. This happens when parked or at any vehicle speed. The high pressure line condensates in the...