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  1. unitacx

    Interior upgrade - leather shifter

    My old shift boot was starting to show more base fabric than vinyl, so to ebay for a "genuine leather" shift boot... This is for A4 chassis, but should fit other models with clamp-below-shift knob arrangement. It's not as utilitarian as a timing belt change or even a vent hole in the radiator...
  2. unitacx

    What gives the NB more leg room than A4 Golf and Jetta?

    Looking at a NB at TDIFest, it seemed that the seat was substantially identical, and the floorboard also looked similar. NB definitely has at least an inch more legroom, so I'm trying to figure it out. I'm thinking that perhaps the firewall and swing pedal mounts are different, but even that...
  3. unitacx

    another legroom mod for A-4 and other tripod seats (seat track redrill mod)

    Extending VW A-4 Seat Range (seat track redrill mod) This is for the chairs of tripod VW seats; not long range fuel tanks for VW SEAT cars. There are 3 ways to do this: a) Remove the seat and re-weld the carrier to the seat frame. That of course gives the maximum legroom. b) Octavian's...
  4. unitacx

    Will a "spent" cat work on a gasser?

    what it says.. I have 120k on a cat that I'm removing. This thing is essentially decoration on the diesel, but I'm thinking it may be fully functional if run for a while on a gasser. The theory, although admittedly suo rectus, is that most of the blockage of a cat on a diesel is from soot...
  5. unitacx

    Oil Change

    Okay, this may be incredibly simple, but not everybody has been wrenching cars since they modded their mom's Ford when they were 14. So don't give me a hard time on this one. This is for the ALH 99.5 and later, which uses something called a "eco type oil filter". The filter removal techniques...
  6. unitacx

    New 2006's being sold

    I ran across this from an Ontario newspaper website by clicking on new diesel VWs. Several 2006 Golf and Jetta entries appeared on the "new car" searches. Since these are typically "North American" spec, and the 2006 is certified for US, they can probably be brought across. I do know that...
  7. unitacx

    FS 195/65-15" tires Dunlop - Alexandria VA

    $120 or trade for snows Almost new 195/65-15" tires Dunlop - Alexandria VA 4 tires 195/65-15, 2000 miles. Dunlop SP Sport A2 Plus asymetric $120 for the set, with either my wheels or another set of wheels in return. (i.e., they're already mounted and balanced) These are really good quality...
  8. unitacx

    A Third Alternative Fuel - used aviation oil

    The good news -- it's free; a sort-of dino version of WVO -- used aviation motor oil. Just go to a local airport, look for a repair station, and ask for used aviation oil from piston engine aircraft. Avoid the oil used in turbine and diesel aircraft. Converting Your Car to a Waste Aviation...
  9. unitacx

    Basic TDI Tool Kit

    Choosing Tools This is a bit presumptuous because it's difficult to guess what sort of work needs to be done, or event the type of D-I-Y work a random person would attempt. But when I got my car I asked the question, so I figured other may also. Background: There have been a number of posts...
  10. unitacx

    codes question

    Hi - Which part of these numbers is input through the VAG-COM and which to the radio? I got the following codes from the original dealer of an '00 Golf (after proving ownership, etc.). I'm not sure which part of the code is actually input to VAG-COM; same with the radio. The examples (actual...
  11. unitacx

    Headlight Aiming HOWTO

    HOWTO aim headlights Background: There are a number of different lighting standards used: ECE (E-code) SAE mechanically aligned (nipple type)- HLB, HOH, and HHB SAE VOR SAE VOL SAE VO or ECE high beam (main beam) There are differences for each type, but the idea is that the dipped beam should...
  12. unitacx

    Injection Quantity questions - ALH

    (moved) see
  13. unitacx

    water ingestion, hydrostatic lock

    Hi - Has anyone addressed the water ingestation issue on TDI cars? I ran across a TDI owner who had to replace his engine after running through some standing water, due to hydrostatic lock. (Hmm, something I would do, having run a W123 MBZ through more than its share of standing water with no...
  14. unitacx

    WTT: 4 Dunlop SP Sport A2 Plus 195/65-15 H, 2000 miles on 5x100 steelies, -for- snow

    Details here (except for the "wanted to trade" part). I figure there's someone out there selling their car who wants to keep their wheels. With these Dunlops, you can put really decent tires on the car before parking the car in the K-Mart lot with the "4-Sale by Owner" sign. And you can...
  15. unitacx

    FS: 4 Dunlop SP Sport A2 Plus 195/65-15 H, 2000 miles, DC

    4 tires 195/65-15, less than 2000 miles. Dunlop SP Sport A2 Plus asymetric This is in Alexandra, LOCAL ONLY but can deliver to Cherry Hill. These are great tires -- look nice, are quality tires, and are probably the best handling street tires of that size. UTQG: treadwear 460, traction AA...