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  1. AUGSX

    FS: 2001 GL TDI 5 spd

    For those that know me know that this car has been a love affair for me. Unfortunately I must put it up for sale. I have a second child on the way and need more room. Also my new job requires alot less driving so MPGs will not be as important. This car has been maintained by my local Guru...
  2. AUGSX

    3 Bar MAP

    What are the benefits of running this instead of the factory 2.5 BAR? Sounds like a newb question from some one who has been around here for a long time but I'm having a brain fart and search turned up nada.
  3. AUGSX

    Tints in South Florida

    I am looking for a place that does ceramic tints either 3M or Llumar in Miami or Broward. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. AUGSX

    Need New Tints

    I need to redo my tints and I want a good quality paper that has the maximum heat reflection to keep my interior cooler. Currently have 3M 20% on it and I don't care for it. Lets in way to much heat. Any recommendations?
  5. AUGSX

    Clutch Breakin

    New clutch will be in tomorrow. What should I do to break it in correctly? Do I need to break it in?
  6. AUGSX

    Scan Gauge and Boost ?

    So my Scan Gauge II shows a MAP of 14.7 or there abouts at Idle, my question is when it reads 19.7 how much boost is the engine actually seeing? 5psi? Sorry for the newb post from a veteran but I have always had my doubts about this and I figure I would just ask.
  7. AUGSX

    Car won't start, immobilizer activated

    So last nigh my father in law decides he is going to move my car and grabs the wrong key. Car did not start and now even with my good key I cant turn the car on and deactivate the immobilizer. I need help anyone please.
  8. AUGSX

    Time for a clutch

    Well my DC stage 4 is toast and I need a new clutch but I have spent way to much on this car in the last 12 months so I need a reasonably priced clutch and flywheel. No more light weight fly wheel for me as I hate the rattle. I have been considering a VR6 clutch which I think will hold. Just...
  9. AUGSX

    H&R Sport Springs

    These will lower the car about 1.5" and ride like butter. I picked up a set of HR coilovers so these need to go. Asking $150 plus shipping.
  10. AUGSX

    MKIV electric mirror retrofit

    Just wondering if anyone has converted a manual mirror car to electric mirrors? What all did you have to buy or acquire?
  11. AUGSX

    Need to change oil

    I live in a community with restrictions, I can't have the car up on jack stands, I have heard of people using a pump to extract the oil. What pump, how to do it and were to buy it are my questions. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Aug
  12. AUGSX

    Another bad milage thread

    I am having some serious issues with my car. I runs great as far as everything else goes but my mileage is horrible. I am averaging about 35 mpgs mostly city with a minimal amount of hwy. Now I do idle for about 30 minutes a day while I work from the car and I run the A/C all day. I don't have...
  13. AUGSX

    Cluster Mods

    So I have read through the sticky and I wont lie, I am really confused. Here is what I have 2001 Jetta TDI with a Immo 3 Half Height display. Here is what I want... 1. Welcome Message 2. Lit Needles 3. Miles to empty 4. Correct MPG both trip and instant (right now it shows 65mpg trip...
  14. AUGSX

    Outside temp sensor

    So I just installed my half hieght Euro display with the outside temp sensor and my temps seem to be crazy hot all the time. Could I have a bad sensor or wired it backwards? Is there a way to calibrate the sensor? Any help would be great.
  15. AUGSX

    HR sport springs

    Let see some pics of MK4 Jettas running these. I just picked up a set cheap and I want to see what the car will look like. I am not even going to try to post this on Vortex because I know I will get the you need to slam it on coils bit. Thanks fellas.
  16. AUGSX

    Show me your tires.

    So it's about time for me to put new shoes on the car and I am trying to decide between 205/60/15s or 215/60/15s. Tire rack recommends 6.5" rim which I have for both. I am looking for some pics to see if they are going to bulge out or balloon up to much. Lets see them...
  17. AUGSX

    Grinding in Reverse?????

    Ever since I did the 5spd swap to the Jetta I get a grind when engaging reverse sometimes. Sometimes nothing some as silk, sometimes a little bump and then there are times when it sounds like I completely missed a shift. Could this be signs of a bad synchro or something else? Any help would be...
  18. AUGSX

    MK4 Aero wipers

    I just got a free set, did these come on any US cars or only on the euro models? I want to know what inserts I need to buy.
  19. AUGSX

    VR6 axles What else?

    So I got a set of VR6 axles what else do I need to swap out?
  20. AUGSX

    What do you do and How old are you?

    I didn't know were else to put this thread so here goes... Some of you may not like the idea but I will start. I am a 37 yr old Real estate Broker from Miami, Florida... So yes I am officially broke. LOL