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    Upsolute or other Chip tuning?

    Back to the forum. I am a member since early on but in 2011 sold my 99.5 Jetta am in the process of buying one again, and it is stock. I am not sure if Upsolute Chiptuning is still the best one out there, since I have been out of the scene for a while. Any idea to up the power a little of the...
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    Timing belt TOOL question

    i am wondering if the timing belt tool for the TDI will fit an Audi 100S (1994). Or does anybody have this tool that does fit the 1994 Audi 100S...Locally? Dutchman
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    WTB: new shocks!!!!!

    OK after 183,000 miles my shocks are going out. I think that is not bad, but now my car is a little wobbly..... Anybody got a good set of shocks, new prefered, or anybody got any experience with different brands????? Andre
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    HID Light sale question

    Why do I find HID's for my 99.5 Jetta on Ebay for $300 and under, and here they are on sale for around $800....... Is there this much differance between HID's???? Somebody educate me. Andre
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    Wtb: Hid.....

    I am looking for a set of HID's for me 2000 Jetta. Andre PM or email to :
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    WTB: lower grill

    I am looking for a black lower grill, drivers side for my 99.5 Jetta. Anybody????? Please help me out.... Andre
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    FS 6 CD changer

    I have a VW 6 CD changer for sale.... It should just plug right into the cable that is already in the back of you jetta. This comes out of a 2000 VW Jetta. Pictures will follow. I upgraded my sound system and it can't run my changer anymore.... New price is $295, I am only asking $100 plus...
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    FS intake and engine cover

    People I still have an engine cover and an intake for sale.. see below:
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    Used engine cover

    This is a used engine cover, with a RED I for a Jetta TDI make an offer, buyer pays actual shipping no handeling charge..... don't ask me what I want for it, just make a reasonable offer. Dutchy
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    FS: Hubcaps slightly used

    This set of 4 hub caps are slightly used and just a little dirty. close up of one: Make an offer, and buyer pays actual shipping that is it.... Please don't ask me...
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    brand new European intake manifold

    I have a brand new intake manifold, I think it is from Europe because it does not have any EGR, emmisions crap on it... Email me : for pictures. Make an offer if you want it.....
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    Fuel Pump for sale

    I have a '00 TDI fuel pump for sale. I replaced my fuel pump at the dealer, and within 5,000 miles my engine blew. I replaced my engine and it came with a new fuel pump. The new fuel pump $1,200 at the dealer and because this one is used and I am not a dealer I'd like to get $650 for it. If...
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    Wattage of speakers

    Does anybody know the wattage of the speakers in a 00 Jetta. Not monsoon..... I am looking onto up grading my sound system but I am not sure if I want to change my speakers, I have heard they are a ***** to get out. I want to add an amplifier, and a new deck, I have the 6 disk cd changer...
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    Glow Plugs

    I am wondering if it is easy to replace your own glow plugs on an A4 Jetta TDI? I had one replaced at the stealer and now I get a CEL again so have to replace all of them. There are 10mm and 12 mm for sale which one do we have and what about the wiring harness? Where is the best place to buy...
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    towing with a passat TDI

    I would like to know what is the towing capacity of the new 2.0l Passat TDI?
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    converting a VR6 to TDI???

    I have a question for the big brains out there... I am planning on buying a newer Eurovan VR6 but I want to swap the engine for a TDI engine. Did anybody do this? anybody know cost? can it be done? what all do I need to swap? Please help me...
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    Karmann Ghia Question

    I would like to know is there a conversion kit for a Karmann Ghia to turn it into an automatic gear box? I am planning on restoring an old Karmann Ghia but she doesn't drive stick..... ANYBODY??????
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    Last NW fling of the year

    10/12 looks better to me, but I am not sure yet.... will check. Sounds good. I'll try to make it
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    Seattle Area VAG-Com

    During my road trip to Vegas I had some major problems. CEL came on all power was gone, RPM not over 2400. After a restart of my engine the problem would be gone for approx. 500 miles. Now back in Wa the CEL is gone, all power is back. Still would like to know what it was.. would the code still...
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    Power loss and then it is back again

    I just came back from my road trip to Las Vegas. Day 1 went fine no problems at all. Then day 2 about 750 miles from home I suddenly lost all power and the RPM's didn't want to go above 2400. I turned the car off, started it and it was fine. after about 200 miles then CEL came on. This kept...