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    Add bluetooth music/calls with Dension module

    So my 2014 sportwagen has bluetooth calls and music streaming. It's great, especially on road trips. My 2013 A3 only has bluetooth calls. It does have an AUX-in but my phone's AUX port sucks. With a few work road trips coming up I decided to finally get around to ordering and installing a...
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    My '13 Titanium S-Line A3

    So I have a thread in the power enhancements sub, but thought it would be useful to document things here as well. The car is a 2013 A3 TDI with the titanium s-line package... a pretty uncommon configuration. I bought it at 46k miles. There is zero rust, though the body has some imperfections...
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    FS: CR140 Turbo and CP4 Fuel Pump

    -CR140 turbo off of a 2013 TDI A3, 50k miles. Taken off of a running motor. $400 shipped -CP4 fuel pump off of a 2013 TDI A3, 50k miles. Well maintained with all fuel filter services performed on time. Stanadyne performance fuel additive used with every refuel. $400 shipped
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    CBEA/CJAA CR140 turbo

    I've got a CR140 turbo that was taken off of a running 2013 Audi A3 TDI. mileage at time of takeoff was 50,250 miles. The heat shield has been removed. looking for $450 shipped. Edit: wow I'm dumb, can someone move this to the for sale section?
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    I have 2 (working) diesel particulate filters for sale. one is from a 2014 VW Sportwagen (CJAA) with ~65k miles on it. the other is from a 2013 Audi A3 (CBEA) with 50,124 miles on it. I also have other exhaust related parts as well for both vehicles. Make me an offer.
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    DSG shifter not staying "locked" in sport mode

    So I just noticed this (in my 2013 A3)... the car didn't do this in the past. I go to shift into sport mode and the shifter bounces back to drive, like it's not latching into the gate. I can see the dash display change to "S" when I pull the shifter back, and then back to drive when I let go...
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    A3 2.0 CR170 project

    So I like the stage 2 rawtek/malone setup on my sportwagen so much that I bought a '13 A3 to go CR170 Stage 3 with. It's a titanium/sport package, so pretty rare for a TDI A3. Here's my shopping list. The green is what I've purchased already, the grey/lined out is stuff I no longer...
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    2013 A3 CBEA engine stutter

    So I recently picked up a 2013 A3 TDI. Occasionally, on cold starts, it will get a flat spot or stutter (I'm pretty sure always in 2nd gear) that goes away after a few seconds. It doesn't happen all the time so I chalked it up to residual moisture in the intercooler/intake, but now that we're...