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    Front end work

    You mentioned front springs but not struts. I think that was probably a miss in your description but you don’t want to do that work and not replace them. Yes 3-6 hours and you might need a zip cutter and torch for the pinch bolts and sway bar links. Plus a puller for the wheel hub, new hub...
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    Can anyone tell what this noise is?

    Interesting- Not hijacking this thread but that noise sounds very similar to what I hear from my engine. In my case the noise started before the timing belt change and might be slightly quieter since but is still there. My tensioner was spot on last I saw. I’ve probably run 50,000 km with the...
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    Picked up a SportWagen, need 2-micron kit instructions.

    If the upload worked I just posted both sets of instructions under Resources- general.
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    2 Micron Filter Install 2023-05-25

    Installation Instructions for 2 Micron Filter
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    Circle Dash Light

    As hskrdu said, not hard to replace the cable’s which are probably the problem, but find a DIY, either turbo diesel or here to confirm it’s not the calipers. They can also cause the same issue, as can totally worn out pads. If it is the cables the DIY will guide you through taking the console...
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    Rear Springs

    Lots of spring options out there. I’m running Lesforjors 3C0511115AF, I think they were a stock fitment on a Tiguan or a Passat. Slightly shorter but a bit stiffer than stock which raises the rear about 3/4 in. No more scraping the hitch on the driveway, ride about the same. I’m on my second...
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    Replacing brake/clutch fluid. I've never seen a bleeder valve like this one on the slave cylinder... Help me not screw up.

    I put fluid in the pressure bleeder, pumped 15 times, fluid coming out looked ugly, bled some more pumped again- fluid looked good, closed it up. Then I cleaned out the pressure bleeder. Soap and water. Still not my favorite thing.
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    CP3 fuel pump upgrade thread

    If you are not mechanically inclined something like changing a filter could be a bit challenging, and the 2micron might not be something a dealership would touch. I’m pretty sure any independent diesel mechanic can help, probably with a reasonable labour charge. Sourcing the correct filter might...
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    Lost power steering need direction.

    Good to hear. One takeaway is that the car runs and is drivable with the canbus not communicating with the steering rack. On another note there is an airbag crash sensor connector right close to the T6X connector. IIRC it’s bright yellow. Just wondering if whatever caused the steering wires to...
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    Lost electric steering assist. Could use advise.

    Check the canbus connector behind the left headlight. It’s the one connected to the wiring coming from the rack which shares the same protective cover as the big (10ga?) power supply to the rack.
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    Lost my side view mirror glass

    My passenger side started to come loose. I glued it back in. Can’t remember the glue I used but was easy to find. That was at least 5 years ago. Google seems to have lots of options for new glass.
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    How to run a CJAA on the bench??

    I’m pretty sure it has been done by those who swap. Maybe try asking that forum?
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    How bad is the smell after DPF delete?

    No it’s the one and the same housing. Malone did it on their test car, cut the housing open, removed the dpf and welded it back together. Easy if you know someone with reasonable welding skills.
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    Replacing BCM

    The code you need is under address 09. Copy it yourself to confirm, but I see 2D380E1F902F3EC4008800816000004401000086535D8560648020000040
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    Lost power steering need direction.

    Oh fun. As above the steering is electric and the brains for the controls are all located in the rack itself. From your description I think the rack and it’s local controller are fine but are being affected by the issue which is also causing the MFD to cycle through screens. I suspect the canbus...
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    How bad is the smell after DPF delete?

    I think he means just delete the DPF part of the cat &DPF combo. Keep everything else.
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    Who else is keeping theirs?

    If I was you I would NOT get your car’fixed’. You will lose at least 10% fuel economy, as well as some low end torque. More importantly you will lose reliability. Many unfixed cars ran hundreds of thousands without DPF problems. Fixed cars tend to crack their DPF’s as soon as something in the...
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    MK6 P0321 after serpentine belt

    One possibility is the serpentine belt went through the timing belt, engine jumped time and bent valves. If so you would not be the first. Hope that wasn’t it.
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    Feels like an engine misfire or shudder of some kind around 60km/h

    Hard to tell from your description but it could be the known “hill cresting” issue. The only cure I know of for that is a tune. BTW Dodge’s with Cummings have the same issue but way worse.