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  1. TDI Fest 2007

    TDI Fest 2007

  2. Driving Event Videos

    Driving Event Videos

  3. TeDeEye1

    VCDS cab

    Sorry, but it has already been sold :-(
  4. TeDeEye1

    VCDS cab

    VCDS cable for sale VAG-COM Diagnostic Tool with HEX-USB+CAN Interface OE Part #: VCHUC Mfg Part #: HC819647 Rev. B 250$ Location, Peoria Il. I travel to Indy on a weekly basis so anywhere in between would be good too :-)
  5. TeDeEye1

    What did you do to your car today?

    yahooooooo!!!! Had my 2013 Passat SEL TDI Chipped. Malone tune prformed by M Vawter Automotive 4037 W Us Highway 52 New Palestine, Indiana 46163 Phone (317) 861-0314 Email Website Stage 2 163whp (184bhp) / 295lb-ft (333lb-ft crank) +...
  6. TeDeEye1

    St. Louis Is Finalizing A Proposal for TDIFest 2014

    Boy, I was about to get in the car a come down and beat you with my cane! :-)
  7. TeDeEye1

    St. Louis Is Finalizing A Proposal for TDIFest 2014

    Count me in Hope this goes forward. While I look forward to the long drives. This should still be great. They have so e interesting ideas.
  8. TeDeEye1


    Just got here at 8am. Boy am I pooped!
  9. TeDeEye1

    **Registration Thread** TDIFest 2013

    Having trouble Room booked and registration done Been at every Fest since 2005 :-)
  10. TeDeEye1

    TDIFest 2013 coming to Sunday River Ski Resort (Newry, Maine)

    Thanks:) See you there:)
  11. TeDeEye1

    TDIFest 2013 coming to Sunday River Ski Resort (Newry, Maine)

    Booked and ready Booked for three nights in Studio Deluxe room, This will be the new Passat's first TDI Fest :) It has already had it's 10,000 mile birthday, but those were trips every other week to Indy (425 round trip).
  12. TeDeEye1

    Fess up :) - do u smile just thinking about your next TDI ride ?

    You bet! Looking at trading my Jetta for a new Passat SEL Premium next year. Just need a little more room :-)
  13. TeDeEye1

    ***Deadlines are rapidly approaching! Don't procrastinate!***

    No room for me I guess since it took me till this week to get the time off, I'm out of luck for this year, Tried to register but the only thing left was the donation. Did that anyways but don't see the point in coming since all events are sold out. This will be the first one I have missed...
  14. TeDeEye1

    Injection quantity deviation

    I started noticing a drop in mpg about 2 months ago and finally got around to running VCDS this last week. Here are my readings: Here is a engine in serious need of some care: Group 013: Idle Stabilization (Injection Quantity Deviation) -0.32 mg/str Injection Quantity Deviation Cyl. 1 -.21...
  15. TeDeEye1

    TDIFest 2012 coming to Ypsilanti, MI

    Congratulation Lawson and crew. I look forward to another great TDIFest like the one you folks put on in DC. That one was awesome!
  16. TeDeEye1

    TDIFest 2011 pictures/videos

    A few more fest pics better late than never :-)
  17. TeDeEye1

    Who's here

    Just arrived. Saw some familiar cars and faces already? That red car that seems to be at all the fests. :-)
  18. TeDeEye1

    Malone Tunes at 2011 Fest

    I have sent you an email It will be from
  19. TeDeEye1

    TDIFest 2011 Registration

  20. TeDeEye1

    Official Hilton Suites registration thread

    Booked and confirmed: 5 nights. BTW the booking site is down :-( Getting there early to help if I can :-)