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  1. jaydogg007

    FS MKIV NEW 5-sp

    I paid $1595 for it from a trusted TDIClub vendor. It is brand spanking new and being stored in a climate controlled repair shop. I actually have a taller 5th P/N 02Z 311 361 A that can be included in the sale. The taller 5th is not installed in the trans. I understand the thriftiness. ;-) I...
  2. jaydogg007

    FS MKIV NEW 5-sp

    Am I asking too much? I bought this to swap an auto out of my green golf that got sold in November. Don't need the transmission. Fair offers welcome.
  3. jaydogg007

    FS MKIV NEW 5-sp

    PMs replied.
  4. jaydogg007

    FS MKIV NEW 5-sp

    PM's replied.
  5. jaydogg007

    FS MKIV NEW 5-sp

    New 5-sp EGR Code Transmission $1200 And some pictures pictures of the transmission. EGR Code, new in box (literally). The transmission is in Fort Worth at a trusted vendor's shop. Price Lowered to $1200. Prefer local but we can work out shipping arrangements if necessary. Photo of the...
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  9. EGR Code New Trans1

    EGR Code New Trans1

  10. jaydogg007

    DFW GTG Fall 2010

    I'll be there. Need to pick up my parts from Glover anyways. Haven't seen you guys in a long time, maybe a year or more? I'll be in the Silver 09 with the modded GLI grille I bought off a club member who now drives a (gasser) passat. :P I will have my little rescue pup in tow, she's going...
  11. jaydogg007

    FS MKIV NEW 5-sp

    Replied. Call or email me.
  12. jaydogg007

    FS MKIV NEW 5-sp

    Hello, I never got around to doing my 5-sp swap in my old 2000 Green Golf and sold the car locally. mtbr244 has had the transmission (and other new parts for my swap) in his shop since in Ft. Worth since June waiting for me to get the car up there. I'm kicking myself hourly for selling my...
  13. jaydogg007

    BioD near College Staion

    There's a Loves in Waller pumping B5 right off of 290. Houston Biodiesel sells B100. Houston Biodiesel offers classes for making your own BD if that helps any. None of this answers your questions. Didn't want your post to go unanswered.
  14. jaydogg007

    Houston TDI Owner Happy Hour Here's the thread. I haven't been good at posting to it lately. Spicewood sounds good to me.
  15. jaydogg007

    Houston TDI Owner Happy Hour

    Jaydogg, Bikeprof & JollyT... the hard cores!! That was fun guys, thanks for joining me. Jonny, I'll bring you a sippy cup next time. :) Would a weekend work better? Kinda thinking about trying this monthly... What do you think?
  16. jaydogg007

    Houston TDI owners

    Guess I'll see most of you guys at the first annual Houston TDIClub Owners Happy Hour (see thread in this forum)
  17. jaydogg007

    Houston TDI Owner Happy Hour

    Pre happy hour bump! First round is on me...just so you all have a reason to show up. Come drink, socialize, brag about your mods, fuel economy and big tubos.... Rain or shine.... Jan 15 @ West Alabama Ice House I'll be there between 4:30 or 5 pm depending on when I can get out of work...
  18. jaydogg007

    Automatic Transmission, out of 2002 golf TDI with 135K

    Posted to the wrong thread. I think the seller has two transmissions FS? OOPS! I am looking for a 5 speed swap.
  19. jaydogg007

    Houston TDI Owner Happy Hour

    Gross. Its not BYOB... its a beer joint. You're killing me Johnny, seriously killing me. :P