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  1. BobnOH

    Sad day......Audi TT -> TDI "ran away"..........

    If it did not reach high RPMs, like above red line, you may be O.K. Tough engines. You do need to repair the whatever (turbo likely +?). May be a good idea to remove the valve cover and inspect for damage.
  2. BobnOH

    Junkyard ALH vs teardown and rebuild

    Don't leave D, we love having you around! It's social media, gotta wear the thick skin. Most of our members mean well, try to help...........
  3. BobnOH

    What’s the best TDI to buy

    That's too bad. Hybrid is what I was considering for my partner's future car. We love our Gen.3 CR-V, but it's gonna wear out soon. So who makes a good hybrid? Original Thread: conclusion- 2015 TDI, but we think you should consider other cars for your purposes. VW guy what does all my hard...
  4. BobnOH

    Limp mode 02 beetle

    WAG- If you just take it in, $1-2 thousand. If you troubleshoot and repair your ownself $5-5 hundred.
  5. BobnOH

    Crank no start, getting fuel

    Since the TB service is so recent I would take a close look to see it's all proper. Aligned and tensioned. The other thing to consider is fuel, air+diesel. Clogged snow screen, dirty filter, loose big air pipes.
  6. BobnOH

    Trusted TDI Mechanics - By State

    If you end up having to travel, Jon Hamilton is one of the best anywhere. Not cheap. Jon's Auto Jon Hamilton - RallyTDI ASE-Certified Mechanic 22291 State Route 4 Marysville, OH 43040 937-209-0187
  7. BobnOH

    Anyone have luck with the URO brand valve cover available through ID Parts ?

    The ALH has a permanent integral gasket. The cover can be used over and over until it can't. 2 drops of sealant at two 90 degree corners.
  8. BobnOH

    Non start

    5 year old thread. mini has no activity since our forum software update (or longer). Wire harness r+r common solution for the PD
  9. BobnOH

    O2J noise

    rumbling makes me think tires.
  10. BobnOH

    VCDS Worthwhile?

    License is in the cable. You want this one. Since you bought a newer car you may have for a while, it might be nice to have. But if you're not gonna wrench on it yourself you may not need it, though it's always good for troubleshooting.
  11. BobnOH

    Can you record mileage of timing belt service in computer?

    The chip tuners sometimes add text to the vehicle description in the ECU. No idea how you can DIY.
  12. BobnOH

    How to get ECU Model/ID? 2011 2.0L TDI

    Some tuners add a note in the vehicle info. It can be cryptic.
  13. BobnOH

    help with oil light issues

    We know it only monitors at certain RPMs. Only spec I could find is 25psi @2K. Guessing that's with a warmed up engine, but it may not matter.
  14. BobnOH

    Building a pd

    I would think so- VW TDI Search Engine
  15. BobnOH

    Had to share this exquisite found-online gem.

    $900 is nothing these days. From the photo of the cam, looks like it's been sitting outside with the valve cover off. Big issue, and why I wouldn't go near it-
  16. BobnOH

    Ac stopped blowing cold but compressor stays on

    I'm guessing here, but when you run the AC a while, the box should feel cold if it's a failed blend door. If not could be the compressor. Do both the radiator fans run with AC on?
  17. BobnOH

    Circle Dash Light

    That's normal with the wear indicator on. Refresh the parking brake cables, service the lever and return spring on the caliper. Go ahead and clean+re-grease the slider pins. Just because.
  18. BobnOH

    My car won't start...

    Once you evaluate the lower end as good and decide to do the top, do it all. Internals like camshaft should show little to no signs of wear. I'm lucky, my brother is a machinist. Much of the internals need machinist method and tools. You can do that stuff your ownself, but beware of cheap tools...
  19. BobnOH

    Cooling system upgrade

    You may (or not) want a tune to leverage the 17, but your intercooler and cooling system should good.
  20. BobnOH

    Need Help with Leaking Glow Plug

    Hopefully Frank can hook you up with a solution not requiring head remove. In the meantime, I'd try a fastener and a washer, if available an interference bolt, like they use on aircraft, might seal it. You can certainly get by with 3 glow plugs.