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  1. CmdrData

    So el echeapos of ontario

    I have seen lot more diesel on the road from other brands, even new neighbour has a benz diesel GLK, young asian couple. But with that said, diesel is dead for VW, even boss of VWoA says he won't push diesel anymore, so pretty much the same gows for Canada. I drive a gas suv now but in two...
  2. CmdrData

    two mifty mods

    I love that remote windows up/down feature, Wingnut did it on my 01 years ago. This is one of most miss added feature now that the car is gone.
  3. monster mat driver heel

    monster mat driver heel

  4. Monster mat

    Monster mat

  5. hose ecu handle

    hose ecu handle

  6. water pump

    water pump

  7. light switch n water pump

    light switch n water pump

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  9. Front


  10. CmdrData

    ATE rotor sale

    - Front brakes are 280mm x 22mm vented rotor - Rear brakes are 232mm x 9mm solid rotor Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk
  11. CmdrData

    ATE rotor sale

    Bought a set of rear for the Rogue but there isn't any for the front. Might have to go online to get a set of Brembo. Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk
  12. CmdrData

    ATE rotor sale

    Bringing this old thread back on top... CT has ATE rotor on sale again this week, 50% off or BOGO depends on how you look at it.
  13. CmdrData

    test drive a BMW and get free headphone

    With these new cars that shutdown and restart at red light, does that wear out the starter quicker? Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk
  14. CmdrData

    Tint in the GTA

    I just called up EJ, the guy on the phone wasn't very interested in talking business. He quoted me $225 for some film called SLP, claiming it is better than ceramic. =\
  15. CmdrData

    Tint in the GTA

    $200 for ceramic tint?! When you had it done?
  16. CmdrData

    Tint in the GTA

    I have been researching on window tint lately as well, I'm in Markham, and I've narrowed down to two choices, either Audio Heaven or Thornhill Tint due to their location. What I have read from other forums, people are saying they both use dye tint film that will fade out over time which I...
  17. CmdrData

    Diesel price...

    But guys, remember you get 30%+ fuel efficiency over gasser. I'm going thru the pain of fuelling up twice as often as before even when RUG is $0.10 cheaper than D2.
  18. CmdrData

    Blinking red security light missing?

    So this is the first time I'm parking the golf for a long period in the last 12 years I have owned this car. I was at the storage location the other day and noticed the blinking red security light at the driver door is off. Is that normal for a car that has been parked for over 3 weeks?
  19. CmdrData

    My $2000 Oil Change (LONG READ)

    OP, really hope you get your money back and good to hear VWOC is actually looking into this. I've never had my car serviced at T&C VW (Greenbelt VW before name change) but I've nothing good to say about their parts dept tho. Couple years ago I went there to buy a replacement battery, the fat...
  20. CmdrData

    Anyone have a used starter for sale?

    Not sure if this apply to a MK5 but this video shows you how to refresh a Bosch starter.