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  1. BrianMA

    Wheel Bearing?

    Hey Everyone, Started getting the low speed humming during left turns. First thought was a wheel bearing. Makes sense, I'm at 160k and have yet to replace one. By chance though I recently noticed that If I put the clutch in while turning the noise completely disappears..... Is this still...
  2. BrianMA

    TDI golf PIX

    Looks good! What kind of paint did you use on the wheels?
  3. BrianMA

    Timing Belt Time

    Hey Everyone, Just realized I never followed up on this and I should have because I had such a great experience!! I got in touch with Keith (Meganuke) since he was only a few hours away from me. Turned out he was not only available to do the work but he offered to drive to me!! A few days...
  4. BrianMA

    Help I think my glow plug relay is bad.

    My relay burned up this past year. It was actually pulling power ALL the time and draining the battery. I went crazy finding it as well but yup, it's under the cowl next to your driver's side wiper. As soon as I got near it I could smell it cooking itself.
  5. BrianMA

    Timing Belt Time

    Thanks guys. Looks like I'm in for a bit of a drive. No problem, think I'll check to see who is closest to me. -Brian
  6. BrianMA

    Timing Belt Time

    Hi All, Just about that time. Was wondering if anyone had a recommendation they could give in the VT/NH area. Thanks!
  7. BrianMA

    Find your pres. candidate

    Worked for me. Ron Paul in '08!
  8. BrianMA

    No More Biodiesel @ Alliance Energy, Holyoke, MA

    Has anyone heard anything more about the Pride stations carrying bio??? I've stopped in at the Northampton station a few times but no one there ever knows what I'm talking about...... -Brian
  9. BrianMA

    Coolant Heater Lower Grill Outlet

    Hey, I just had another idea... How about wiring a 1-TO-2 splitter into the plug and have it power the heater and an onboard battery charger??
  10. BrianMA

    Coolant Heater Lower Grill Outlet

    Excellent idea! Just ordered one for the Jetta, now to find a spot on the truck for it........
  11. BrianMA

    What to use to clean the headliner and A pillars

    You guys should see my headliner! I left a six-pack of coke (cans) sitting on the back seat during the winter. One REALLY cold night and it all ended up on the ceiling!! LOL
  12. BrianMA

    Biodiesel tractor trailer rigs...

    I've seen two on 91 in Vermont! Both were Green Mountain Coffee trucks.
  13. BrianMA

    Dead battery - Major Short?

    In an '02 it's actually under the cowl, near your wipers.
  14. BrianMA

    Yes, another glow plug post!

    Sue enough, bad relay! I did end up finding it under the cowl, between the wipers. No need to test it, one whiff and there was no doubt. Thanks to all who replied! -Brian
  15. BrianMA

    Dead battery - Major Short?

    Hey Folks, Well, that turned out to be one mysterious little relay! Everyone seems to think it's under the dash but it's actually under the front cowl, on the driver's side, between the wipers. I finally tracked it down and sure enough it was busy melting itself. Swapped it out and all is...
  16. BrianMA

    Dead battery - Major Short?

    Yup, that's the one. I'm still trying to track down the location of the relay. Anyone?
  17. BrianMA

    Yes, another glow plug post!

    Thanks Guys, Yuri - I think you may be right, couldn't find anything under the dash. Has anyone swapped one of these out on an '02 before? -Brian
  18. BrianMA

    Dead battery - Major Short?

    Oh, and I'm getting the general plug error code, P0380 is it?
  19. BrianMA

    Dead battery - Major Short?

    Thanks Guys, I'm thinking it has to be that relay. I disconnected power to the plugs and that seems to have stopped the drain. I'm just leaving them unplugged for the time being. Oh, I could definitely smell something burning, that's when I knew it was more than just a dead battery. Does...