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    1999.5 Jetta GLS TDI w/blown engine

    I got it going... 424,300 km and counting...
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    1999.5 Jetta GLS TDI w/blown engine

    thanks Redneck! Here's hoping I can get 'er going... I really wanted to hit 500,000km on it.
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    1999.5 Jetta GLS TDI w/blown engine

    I've spent some $$ and had a diesel mechanic look at this and it looks like the engine is ok, I just have a bad alternator and a damaged oil pan. The oil pan is unrelated and I'm pretty sure that it was the tow truck driver that did that on the tow home. I had assumed the car stopping and the...
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    1999.5 Jetta GLS TDI w/blown engine

    thanks Lug Nut... I should've known that one.
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    1999.5 Jetta GLS TDI w/blown engine

    I'm not 100% certain but it was bleeding oil. I'm mechanically inclined and can do basic jobs on the car but engine swaps are beyond me. I'm not in a position to pay someone to look at what the problem is but I'm certain it's terminal. The car body is in good shape but it was a daily driver not...
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    1999.5 Jetta GLS TDI w/blown engine

    The engine blew in my 1999.5 Jetta so I'm selling the car to try and raise funds towards buying a replacement vehicle since it's been near impossible to be with only 1 vehicle and 4 kids that need to be in different places at the same time. Anyway, here's what I've got that may be of interest...
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    ECU question

    um... thanks but I'll keep it for now. :o
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    ECU question

    Not quite clear yet... it's bleeding oil after experiencing electrical power loss. It sounded like a mack truck when I came to a stop. I haven't pulled anything apart yet but a few opinions are a pointing to a catastrophic failure. I priced out a rebuilt engine at $3900 and $600 for the re&re...
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    ECU question

    how about a 2000? My engine blew on my 99.5 and it's cheaper for me to buy a lower mileage car than a rebuilt engine as well as fix all the other things that need fixing on my 99.5. I want to keep my Rocketchip'd ECU if possible that's why I'm trying to find out what my options are for an ECU...
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    So many chips!

    I had a Rocketchip in my 99.5 that was great. The engine just blew on it (unsure exactly what's wrong but it's bleeding oil). It had 423,000km on it when it died and it had nothing to do with the chip (I had the chip put in when I had just over 200,000km on the car).
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    ECU question

    It's been a while since I posted (years in fact) and I need some help from the big brains here at TDIClub. I need to find out if the ECU from my 99.5 Jetta will work in a 2001 Jetta. I think it has to do with the version of immobilizer that the car has. I believe my 99.5 was IMOBII and I think...
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    Gardentender---Rest In Peace

    My condolences to his family. They are in our prayers. As he posted in the thread in gbnf for Switca, "Godspeed. No CEL in the beyond!!"
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    Beer swap at TDIFest

    I haven't read through the whole thread but Rock Bottom Brewery has a brew pub in the King Of Prussia mall and they have several great beers on tap as well as the "take-out" jug. I spent a week on business in the area and managed to try all the beers on tap several times over the week. :)
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    TDI Fest 2006: The winner is....

    TDI Fest 2006: The winner is.... Okay I'm a little slow on this... CONGRATS Philly crew! I just spent a week down in KoP on business back in September. It's a really nice area. I spent quite a few nights at the Rock Bottom Brewery in the KoP Mall. *Verrrry* good beer there! I think I'll have...
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    Cheapest Pella?

    pella just arrived from dowsar - talk about quick! now I have to get some oil and try it out!
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    FS-New in box Hella E-Codes for MK4 Jetta *SOLD*

    Re: FS-New in box Hella E-Codes ++ for MK4 Jetta He got a good deal Darren!
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    Cheapest Pella?

    Just ordered one to make the oil changes a little easier, especially in the winter!
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    Bid for the 06 TDI fest the FrontRange of Colorado

    I did the '03 Fest without any prior experience. Most people liked it (you can't please everyone) and I considered it a success. You just need to be comfortable approaching businesses and you do need a core team of 3-5 people with a leader to make the final decisions. It's good to get going on...
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    End of an era: Farewell, Canada, Hello Germany!!!

    You've already left at this point in time but for when you get back... all the best Dave. You'll do well over there with your studies. I hope your trip east is good and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your grandmother and family. Gerry
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    wipers...slowww!!! I can't remember the tools but they were basic tools (socket set, screw driver?, wrench?). Be careful taking the plastic cowling off at the base of the windshield - I cracked mine.