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    Mk7 Common issues and resolutions

    I picked up a SE TDI wagon. The front passenger seat won't recline. However I can hear the motor spinning. Anyone know if this is something that is accessible and a fairly easy DIY.
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    Shop needed

    Hey all, Looking at a 2015 golf sportwagen in OH. The used car dealership has some questionable reviews. Any trusted shops in or around Cincinnati OH that you recommend? Thanks in advance. Z
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    2003 Jetta GLS Wagon TDI

    Sent you a Pm. Still available?
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    FS: 2005 VW Jetta TDI Wagon 5spd

    Still available?
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    WTB Golf Parts

    Looking for a front bumper, Passenger side front fender, and passenger side front door.
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    F/S 2001 golf ti 4 door silver 5 speed with 87,000 miles $7500

    Can you send me pics to ? I recently damaged my car and may be looking for a new one. Thanks, Zach
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    Battery fuse box fire.

    My father has a 02 Jetta tdi. The fuse box that sits on the battery had caught fire. He ordered the new fuse box and fuses and put them in. The car still won't start. I told him to check all the fuses and relays in the car. Any other ideas or directions we could go in to get her back up and...
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    Rough start, lil bit of smoke, and and engine light

    I understand I need the code. I don't know how to get them. It has been plugged in at shops and the computers can't read the code. The light doesn't come on until its been running for a bit.
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    Rough start, lil bit of smoke, and and engine light

    Someone thought that playing w/ the case pressure regulating valve could solve it... Not sure what that is so didn't let them "play" w/ it. So it sounds like I may need to see a dealer. Not really wanting to do that. Anyone else have insight as to what this could be.
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    Rough start, lil bit of smoke, and and engine light

    So like the title says, Rough start, lil bit of smoke and a check engine light that comes on after the car has been running for about 10-15 seconds. Popping the hood and looking at the motor it seems to be running w/ a bit more vibration than normal. 205k on 01 Golf. Any Ideas? the timing was...
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    150pd intake Manifold

    I'm considering putting a 150pd intake manifold on my 01 ALH TDI. Looking for advice. Pro's? Con's? Concerns? One question I have is what will be needed and how hard is it to swap? I've read that while also doing the EGR delete I will possibly need a connection for two water hoses or pipes. Does...
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    Parting out 2000 Golf TDI 280,000km

    How's the Rt front fender look? I'm also looking for a Rear bushing bolt.
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    Parting out 00 Jetta

    Looking for some Rear Bushing nuts and bolts. Zach
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    I killed it D@**#T! (FS or Parts: 2001 Jetta TDI, 5SP, 278K)

    Looking for turbo back exhaust. Also... I'm looking for a bolt for the rear suspension bushing.
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    FS: skateboy918's stuff for sale - continually updated. RNS510!

    I'm interested. I have a 2001 Golf tdi. Would I need to buy a different connector? If not... Would you take 80$ shipped?
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    Suspension help

    Thanks. Any suggestions or recommendations on where or who to order from?
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    mk5/6 R32 Rear sway bar and oem jsw

    will the R32 bar fit on a 2001 tdi golf?
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    FS: 17" VW Portos

    I'd like pics.
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    Suspension help

    Wondering if anyone knows the name of a part i'm looking for. I have a Clunk in the rear of my car when I hit a pothole, bump, manhole cover, etc. Looking under the car I see something that may be the issue. The "bushing" (which I call it becasue I'm not sure) which is roughly a foot towards the...