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  1. RC

    FS 2 - 1996 Passat B4Vs (wagons)

    SOLD. To a local father and son team. Son is a gearhead, so happy to make the deal. They've been admiring these cars for decades and dreamed about owning one, now they have two. I'm glad my kids won't be far from home, and I can drive one whenever I like. Couldn't have found a better deal, for...
  2. RC

    FS 2 - 1996 Passat B4Vs (wagons)

    Both round, so non ABS. I seem to recall an ABS red light on the dash though. Been so long since I've driven them, it's hard to recall.
  3. RC

    FS 2 - 1996 Passat B4Vs (wagons)

    One with sunroof. Don't know about ABS. How does one tell?
  4. RC

    FS 2 - 1996 Passat B4Vs (wagons)

    Well, Bob seems to have lost interest, so they're back on the market. Both cars and parts - $6K.
  5. RC

    FS 2 - 1996 Passat B4Vs (wagons)

    Here's the deal. Met with Bob and he's made me an offer, to buy and keep both vehicles, which is what I want. I'm asking $8K for both, as is, truck load of parts. Anyone care to meet or make an offer, please do so. Not in a hurry, but it's time... 😞
  6. RC

    FS 2 - 1996 Passat B4Vs (wagons)

    No worry James, Bob has been out of town and he's supposed to get up with me when he returns. You're next, then two more. Hey Tom! Good to see you're still on this side of the dirt my friend. I know your wife wants you to bring home two more vintage TDI's, don't lie. ;)
  7. RC

    FS 2 - 1996 Passat B4Vs (wagons)

    Got another call today. Looking for a good home for the twins.
  8. RC

    FS 2 - 1996 Passat B4Vs (wagons)

    I'll take a call, and no real hurry on parting with them.
  9. RC

    FS 2 - 1996 Passat B4Vs (wagons)

    Oh jeez, why'd you have to ask that question? That means I actually might have to part with them.
  10. RC

    FS 2 - 1996 Passat B4Vs (wagons)

    I was expecting you to see this Bob. Will be a pleasure to speak with you again.
  11. RC

    FS 2 - 1996 Passat B4Vs (wagons)

    We've had 2 beloved white B4Vs for the last 20 years, one with 176K, the other 215K. Been struggling with the thought of parting with them for the last year, so just putting this out there. Would really like to see them go out together, one as an eventual parts machine, which was my idea. No...
  12. RC

    B4's vs. B5's

    Let me count the reasons... :D
  13. RC

    Replacement stealies for B4V

    Looking for simple replacement steal wheels for our B4V's, and having a difficult time. Any insights would be appreciated.
  14. RC

    WTB B4 glow plugs and harness

    Need working harness and glow plugs.
  15. RC

    WTB; B4 fog light lens, passenger side

    WTB; B4 fog light lens for passenger side, glow plugs and harness Like I said lens only for B4 fog light, passenger side... but will consider everything for right price. Also glow plugs and working harness.
  16. RC

    Passat B4 Exclusive VR6 PARTS for sale.

    Could be interested in all of the front lights.
  17. RC

    B4 parts - everything

    All I really need is the lens for passenger side fog light. Any luck?
  18. RC

    Green B4V Part Out - Local Pickup Prefered

    Do you have real fog lights?
  19. RC

    B4 Fog Lights + Centers

    Hey c3k, still available?
  20. RC

    Power steering fluid level check

    ^ Thanks Abacus.