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    How to: Replacing the Adblue Heater & Temp Sensor Module

    Just had the code come up, 2012 SE, 70k, in CA. Who or Where would know about emissions repair? Do you suspect all dealerships in CA will do the same?
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    Real World MPG with DSG

    Well, I'm finally driving my own and can answer my own question; SE DSG, purchase last week for invoice price :). The next day, my wife and daughter took it to LA for a 700mile round trip. I was sure to carefully fill it up and re-fill when they returned. I calculated 42.6mpg while the computer...
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    Real World MPG with DSG

    I am about to buy a Passat and am trying to decide between a manual and auto. I was dead set on getting the manual having had mostly manuals in the past. I recently drove the DSG and was VERY impressed. Am I making a huge mistake by going with Automatic? What is the "ACTUAL" mpg with the DSG?
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    MPG vs Transmission...???

    Thanks for all the insight. I'm leaning toward the MT, but.... I don't trust the trip computers too much. I believe they are more of an estimate rather than actual mpg. I trust the 'ol fashion measurement of full tank to full tank. Yeah, I know, there's foaming issues, but I think if you're...
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    MPG vs Transmission...???

    I'm getting ready to make a purchase of a new '12 Passat TDI. I am making a change from a Jetta to the Passat. It doesn't seem to much more money for more room and .... (educate me if I'm mistaken or missing something).... The main question is which transmission to buy??? Am I correct in...
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    FS '99 NB TDI 5sp $6500

    1999 NB TDI 5sp for Sale in Central California. Regular Maintainance, 117,000 miles. 2nd Owner, no accidents with title in-hand...runs great, looks great. $6500... or 209-480-7383
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    Fuel gauge malf. after Batt. Chg.

    Just changed the battery on my '99 NB...everything is fine except the Fuel Gauge. It reads well over "Full" pointing down (I know the tank is nearly full). When I turn off the key it reads around 1/4 full. It's as if the dial slipped so its not aligned correctly while I was changing the...