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    2015 Gen 3 Fix Phase 2 - First Impressions

    Mine goes in tomorrow. 49,600 on the odo.
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    '15 Jetta TDI after phase 2 mod

    my car had phase 1 when i bought it. (Golf, not the SW) Every single tank is tracked in fuelly. i have not gotten phase 2 yet. It gets the same or slightly better than my GSW ever did.
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    Gas quickly catching up to diesel price

    2.39 for RUg here in va, Diesel 3.00 getting sick of it
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    If you were shopping, Gen 1 or Gen 3?

    The SEL seats are amazing. And worth it.
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    If you were shopping, Gen 1 or Gen 3?

    EA288. Gen 3. Ende. I have owned 2 mk7's and one MK5 (JSW). The JSW is no comparison to the MK7 platform. period. MK7 platform (golf) is easily the best golf made. I have had both a GSW and Golf sedan. Both ride fine. The GSW has a slight case of wagon butt, and is not as "on rails" the golf...
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    Mk7 Common issues and resolutions

    No idea, but mine broke too. Replaced under warranty.
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    Is there an Emergency hold on the 2.0 Gen 2 fix??

    I heard there was a shortage of parts for phase 2 of gen 3, but not some hold.
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    GSW SE/SEL Seat Swap

    I swapped the seats from my SEL wagon (gray interior) to the Titanium silver SE golf I bought. Airbag Modules stay with car - not the seat. Make sure the wiring harnesses are the same, mine had an extra ground in it and the harness plug was same, but had an extra wire in the golf, I think.
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    Great Prices on 2015 TDI’s

    Last year I got a cpo golf se 4dr with lighting package in Titanium silver for 16500. Had 20k on it. Cpo has unlimited mileage wareanty for 5 years after factory expires, iirc.
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    Just did my first ea288 oil change

    I've put almost 90k on two ea288, and finally did my first oil change, actually.... A 40k. Had a maintenance package on my first one, and couple freebies on this one. All I can say is LOL...... This is my third CT tdi. While not an actually difficult job, it might be the stupidest placement...
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    Strange fuel mileage lately after phase 2

    Use fuelly. I've recorded every fillup on my last two TDIs. I only have pahse 1 on the golf. the wagon was bought back.
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    2015 Gen 3 Fix Phase 2 - First Impressions

    fuel rail is covered under the warranty from the fix anyway. the entire fuel delivery system is, I think. You would have been covered regardless.
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    63 mpg avg?

    No offense- useless data is useless. Hand calc is the only accurate way. Ive got fix stage 1 (no tune) and when the MFI reads 45 or so I average 41-42, this is mostly my 75% highway commute. I hope to have a malone some day, but theyre expensive and I dont really have the cash for it right...
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    Stg 2 Questions

    I really want a stage 2 on mine. I gues after pahse 2 I might do it. I worry about warranty voids, but doesnt malone do a programmer now where you can return to stock?
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    ACTUAL purchases of '15 USED (buyback) TDIs

    Are they really selling that fast now?
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    Why bother to accept a buy back?

    Buyback - 2015 Golf wagon, SEL + light pack, DSG, 69Kish miles. 29,860 or so. Bought - 2015 Golf 4dr SE DSG+ light pack, 19,800 miles, CPO, 16,250+TTT. CPO waranty is unlimited miles, 5yrs. I no longer needed a wagon as the wife's car is a 2018 Outback 3.6R Limited. Getting the golf was a...
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    Why bother to accept a buy back?

    I took the buyback. And turned right back around and bought another 2015 golf, for half again the price, and 20K miles, vs the 2015 I had with 70K on it. Why? because the gov said I shouldn't own one for my own good. It only makes me want one more. Oh, and its getting a Malone. Why? because...
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    ACTUAL purchases of '15 USED (buyback) TDIs

    look at my sig. Wagon - pre fix Silver golf - post fix. Silver golf has been geting better MPG than the wagon ever did (with the exact same wheels and tires, I took them off the wagon), even in cold temps. Im ok with this, even though the changes to the DSG SUCK, and I'll want to tune them...
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    Restitution payment after purchase of fixed used 2015?

    Dont see this happening but... in for answers. My wagon went for buyback. A week later I bought a buyback / phase 1 golf.
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    Restitution payment after purchase of fixed used 2015?

    Not sure how that makes sense. As to where to buy one? I'd look at each individual car on it's merits. Non VW OEM dealers (like a toyota dealer) buying a TDi seems odd.